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DIGITAL MARKETING1Digital Marketing for Headway DevonStudent’s nameInstitution AffiliationCourse DetailsInstructor’s NameDate
DIGITAL MARKETING2Draft for The Marketing Campaign for Brain Injury SurvivorsHeadway Devon: To Help You, We Send Our Experts.Campaign: Support Our Brain Injury Survivors (as a charitable organization, we seek toincrease the number of brain injury survivors we provide care to, appealing for more people tocome out and seek our services).Platform to Use to Reach Out to More Survivors:FacebookReason for Choice: by long it is on Facebook that we have our most engaged site forinteractions. Ideally, on Facebook, we command many followers to have meaningful andproductive conversations with our clients. This information has been decisively found from theanalysis of our social media accounts interactions that we experience per day with our clients,students, and supporters. From the study, Facebook was realized to be the most followed bypeople that we support, brain injury survivors, their families, and careers: all these who aredirectly affected by the brain injury issues. Therefore, through Facebook, we would be reachingout to many clients (Wood, 2021). Through this, we will raise awareness by sending critical
DIGITAL MARKETING3messages to our followers about who we are: a local charity group and what head injury entails.Measure for success: after a given time as an organization, we will need to assess ourcampaign's success for the target audience. We will then measure the campaign's success throughvarious ways, based on the increased awareness of what brain injury is among the population.We target to elaborate and expound more to everyone on what the brain injury condition is allabout. We can assess this goal if we identify improvement in the number of people thatunderstand what this critical condition means to an individual's life.As an organization seeking to have more productive and engaging interactions with oursociety, broadened interactions with various people will be a good measure for the project'ssuccess ahead of us. One of our aims is to create our community on our social media pagesinvolving healthy relationships with our followers. Therefore, as a measure of success, we will
DIGITAL MARKETING4be looking at how effectively and efficiently and the number of people we will be serving afterrunning this campaign. Lastly, establishing good connections with our clients and reaching thebrain injury survivors and their careers will depict our movement's success. By running thiscampaign, we aim to increase and establish good connections with our clients (Norman et al.,2020).How Did We Get Here?Notably, over time reported increased brain injury instanceshave been on a tremendous increase(Acquired brain injury rate 2005-2017 Statistic | Statista,2021).An issue should be dealt with by all the stakeholders involved fast enough and on duetime to offer the help needed. As a charitable organization dealing with this issue, we find itappropriate to increase our efforts in this sector that we have been dealing with by offering one-to-one community support services to brain injury survivors. The support services are providedby visiting them in their homes and helping them daily live a fulfilling and joyous life.Our next service is the group-based service, where we bring survivors together as theycontinue to rehabilitate in a serene environment where practical and social skills are taught(Harvey, 2017).We also provide services to the careers and families of those impacted by headinjury. We seek to extend our services to more people to help them rebuild their lives. With thereported number of head injury survivors, we take it as our obligation to increase our efforts toreach out to more people, to offer our life rebuilding services to them and those they surround.Budget: as a developing organization, we occasionally do not have much of a marketingbudget over the years. A factor that can be attributed to the fewer funds we have at our disposalat the organization. However, this time we have made an exception and have managed to identifya funder who will provide 5000 pounds to be shared between marketing and fundraisingactivities in our organization, particularly for this project. We take this campaign seriously where
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