MKT302 - Digital Marketing Strategy

Added on - 28 May 2020

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DIGITAL MARKETING (MKT302)1Group analysis developing a digital marketing strategyStudent nameAddressDate
DIGITAL MARKETING (MKT302)2Iconic digital marketing strategiesThe Iconic is the largest online retailing organization in Australia which was started in 2011. Intheir homepage website, things have been made easier as there are options that guide theircustomers to the areas that are relevant to them such as women wear and men wear choices.These options reorient the customers to a particular gender homepage once you have chosen yoursex. Using advanced eye-catching maps and analytical sales measurements iconic seems topredict that shoes are popular with men hence they are prioritized in the males’ first banner.Other gender-based homepages give unique offers, advertise new products and latesttrends[ CITATION Rob16 \l 1033 ].The category page allows the visitors to suspend all the products until you precisely find whatyou are looking for. All category pages have a line of bestsellers' products within a particularcategory and are allowed go through them each at a time. The Iconic has the ability to distinguishproducts by price, alphabetical, and numerical order, exhibiting more than 100 products in onepage before loading into another page[ CITATION Tim14 \l 1033 ].The product page contains features such as size, color, product details, delivery cost and the iconic shopping cart, products are presented in the best light, where paymentalternatives are seen, live chat options for guidance, stating of main benefits and a customer canalso put a product into a wish record instead of buying it. The iconic website was developedflexibly even for mobile users, they also have a mobile application for a smartphone which ismore spontaneous, with minimal cutters and better shopping experience[ CITATION Tom14 \l1033 ].
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