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Digital Marketing Assignment - EasyJet Airline Company

Added on - 08 Dec 2020

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Name:Student number:Name of firmEasyJet Airline Company LimitedName of digitalmarketingtechnology usedEasyJey uses Facebook and Twitter as one of the digital marketing technology.Other than they use their own website as a digital marketing technology.Article 1: Name ofauthor, title, yearand journal nameName of the Author: Anastasia DyaKovskaya, NewsCred Contributor.Title: On the rise: easyJet soars with a marketing makeover(AnastasiaDyakovskaya, 2014).Year: 2014-By NewsCredArticle 2: Name ofauthor, title, yearand journal nameName of the Author: Jennifer FaullTitle: EasyJet to go 'Live' on Facebook for first time with the latest immersivetheatre experience(Jennifer Faull, 2017).Year: 2017-By The Drum+500 words onstrengthsandweaknessesofstrategyStrengths: Social media today is one of the most famous technique that isused by organizations for marketing and reaching their customers. Facebookand twitter are one of the most common and famous social media platformsthat are used by most of the companies for digital marketing. These platformswork as one of the best digital marketing technique as more than 80% of theworld uses Facebook and Twitter so it works as the best platforms which helpsthe companies to reach their customers. For easyJet also they have worked asthe best technique for digital marketing technique. EasyJet has more than 270klikes on Facebook and more than 211k followers on Twitter. EasyJet hasposted various live videos on Facebook which has helped them to reach theircustomers more easily. It is one of the most effective Facebook strategy that isused by them. There is another reason due to which EasyJet uses Facebook
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