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Importance of Staying Updated with News in Digital, Media and Technology Era

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Added on  2019-09-20

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This article emphasizes the significance of staying updated with news in the digital, media and technology era. It discusses various ways to get news, including newspapers, TV, radio, and social media. The author shares personal preferences and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each medium. The article also sheds light on how news sources are focusing more on marketing products and irrelevant topics, and how reporters sometimes spread fake stories. The article cites references to support the arguments made.
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Importance of Staying Updated with News in Digital, Media and Technology Era_1
Digital, media and technology 1Everyone has to keep updated about news prevailing in the world and get in touch with the outside world. News is one of the most important things in most people’s lives. One’s in the day at some point of time a person must engage with the news. What is happening on a local, regional, national or global scale, one should have some information for regarding that news.There are a number of ways to get the news the first and foremost way for grabbing news is a newspaper, then TV & Radio. Recently people believe in getting updates from social media whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or newspaper apps (Seiple, P. 2010).1)I personally prefer reading the newspaper daily from USA Today or I like to get it from social media also. Facebook news pages keep people updated about the every second news. My consistent follow pages Wall Street Journal! The Wall Street Journal, New York Times! The New York Times, USA Today & Los Angeles Times. Watching news channel is also one of favorite free time fun CBN news, CBNS, FOX & CNN are my current favorites to get informed about the world economy.2) Reading newspaper one can keep well-informed of the current events all over the worldnewspapers publish advertisements, producers, manufacturers and businessmen know what things are in demand and what things they will push up for sale (Fornatale, P., & Mills, J. E. 1980).Moreover, the buyers know where to seek for them. I get updated about every world from just
Importance of Staying Updated with News in Digital, Media and Technology Era_2

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