Digital Media Violence Impact


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Running Head: Digital, media and TechnologyIntroduction The current paper discusses about the violence associated with Digital, media and Technology; manner in which those violence were portrayed to the world; how people must percept these violence, and its effects on people.Digital, media and Technology is something that has engrossed the attention of American people, including men, women, and children very much in this 21st century. In today’s world all the information whether they are about contemporary or current events come up in the digitalizedform in various forms of digital media as well as mobile andWeb-based technologies. Accordingto the United States Department of Justice, violence in America has shown a peak, where far too many Americans are found to harm themselves and others too because of their engagement in media violence. School-agechildren of a certain age demographic are mostly found making foul media messages in comparison to the other age groups or sections of people (Buckingham and Willett, 2013). The recent news published by The Slatest on November13, 2016reported the media messaging violence across the United Statessince Donald Trump was elected president. Numerous complaints marking offensive remarks on racism was reported by The Slatest, where vandalism was reported in the air. The video showing remark made by high-school students calling for “White power” while holding a Trump sign, went viral across the States. These offensive statements hurt the sentiment of many Off WhiteAmericansof every community, especially Islamic countries and African-American citizens.
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