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Digital media can be referred to as the content that is encoded and can betransmitted over the computer. In simple words, it includes websites, socialmedia networks etc. It has become an important part of life for theindividuals. It has changed the life of the individuals drastically. Throughthe social media network all individuals have become connected to theworld. For example, Facebook have become the important source forcarrying out the native advertising. With the use of increasing social mediatechnology, organization has been using these platforms for promoting theirproducts and services. They are promoting their products through videowhich can lure people as well as attract them towards their services. Nativeadvertisement has been adopted by the content marketers as this is the paidform of advertisement where the focus is on the content.The reason it has become popular is that due to digital media most ofthe individuals visit these sites and it has become easy for the marketer tobuilt trust and relationship with the customers. Besides this, there aredifferent types of native advertisements which can be adopted by themarketers. The most common is the print advertorial in which a general datahas been printed in the online. The reason it has became important becausenow the audience are finding more interested in reading the content then byjust watching the advertisements. Another is the online video advertorials inwhich the marketer with their content designs the video to attract thecustomers towards their products. Due to their likeliness only it has beenpredicted that the business is likely to increase. This native advertisementhelps in building effective relationship with the customers that helps inestablishing competitive advantage. On the other hand, another is thesponsored content which is created by the publisher and the brand pays to it.This is basically for creating the brand awareness among the individuals.Another is the single sponsor issue in which a single advertiser sponsors allthe issues. These are some of the native advertisement which has beenadopted by the marketer to market their product and develop the brandawareness.
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