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Digital Media Strategy (Doc)

Added on - 19 Feb 2020

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DEVELOP WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION STRATEGY2DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGYDigital media is any media that is electronic and is stored in binary numbers which are accessedthrough computers, handheld devices and mobile phones. It requires combination of digitaltechnology and creative mind (Buckingham & Willett, 2013).Digital media strategy involves ways of use of electronic media to pass information. A disabilityservice centre has new product to offer and therefore it should use this strategy to inform theclients about the new product.The goal of this company is to be a global and profitable company with variety of products tosatisfy customers. The vision of this company is to be a company which produces highest qualityservices especially to those faced with disability challenges while offering people a safe andmeaningful place to work.Disability service Company is globally structured and the company plans to further its growthwith existing customers around its location and by improving of product quality and introductionof new products and servicesAn organizational structure is important especially to new employees so that they understandhow the company is organized (Miles,, 2001). This structure also shows the chains ofcommand in the organization, higher rank being the top managers and goes down to employeeson different levels. The source of funding to this company is through its sales, it is able to run itsoperations with the profits from their sales, and they are also funded by non-profitableorganizations to help them boost their performance in helping the unfortunate in the society.
DEVELOP WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION STRATEGY3The new service introduced by this company is the provision of day care services to patients.This is a new product in the company and through digital media advertising; the company willinform its current and potential customers.The introduction of new product will fit into the company because it will expand its sales hencemeeting their future strategy and increase productivity of the company.S.W.O.T is an abbreviation of for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It helpsbuild a strong business strategy by ensuring that strengths and weaknesses have been looked intothat and utilizing the available opportunities and threats (Helms & Nixon, 2010).Strengths and weaknesses are considered internal to the company and it can be changed any timeto suit the requirements, opportunities and threats are therefore external, for example,competitors, suppliers and they happen on a daily basis and cannot be changed.Businesses which have been operational uses SWOT analysis (Kim, 2005) to assess changingenvironment and respond to it accordingly, while the upcoming businesses use the analysis fortheir planning purposes.SWOT analysis helps in strategic planning by building the companies ‘ strengths, reversing itsweaknesses, maximize opportunities of investing in new products, overcome threats, helps inidentifying competencies of the company.However, SWOT analysis is not exempted from limitations. It does not stress the importance ofits aspects and does not tell a company how they can identify these aspects. There are demeritswhich include; price increase because of trying to compete with other companies, inputs,government regulations, search for new market for products without overseas market.
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