Digital Technology Impact in Small Business Growth and Innovation Doc

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Evidence collectionProject Logbook for the chosen organisation: BrutaName of the learner: Name of the Supervisor: Project Title: The impact of digital technology in supporting small business growth and innovation.Date: Update of weekly research/ tasks achieved (Account for a minimum of six weeks with dates)What have you completed?Did you fulfil Task requirements?Are you on track and within deadlines set?Did you need to make any changes to your project management plan?CommentsEvaluation of the literature Review, collection of relevant data and recommending upon findings YESYESNOAny risks and / or issues identified?Did you identify risks/issues with a lack of skills required for undertaking research tasks?Did you identify any additional risks/issues that have an impacton the project management plan? Ethical limitations was one of the major issue and lack of skills effected the conduction of the research Lack of effective communication between the managers and employeesProblems encounteredWhat barriers did you face?How did you overcome them?Lack of funds and time By acquiring financial help and employing more workforceNew Ideas and change of project directionProject was heading towards a positive direction What Have I learnt about myself this week?Task were difficult to

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