Digital Transformation in Business : Assignment

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TITLE: TRANSFORMATION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES THROUGH DIGITALTECHNOLOGY.TASK 1P1 Development of aims and objectivesBackground of StudyCompanies across the world are continuously moving towards digital business changes asthey are forced to make improvement in their business process and development of new businessopportunities as well as models (Lewis, 2015). Digitalization or digital-technology has extendedthe reach of business enterprise, improved management decisions and speed of developing newproducts and services (Novoseltseva, 2017). In other words, small business enterprises have usednew digital technologies to radically enhance their performance (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault,2015). It has also played important in transformation of business activities of organisationregulation their business in the field of information technology sector (Hess and, 2016).There are various important business activities such as marketing, production, distribution andmarketing.In marketing, different technologies like social media, E commerce, internet anddirect mail have been used by small business enterprise to promote their products and services.In operations, cloud computing technology have been used to store data base and informationrelated to business. Software like DBMS and Pay Packs are also digital technologies which areused in human resource department at small business enterprise to collect and store informationabout employees. Although. Online service, payment and booking facilities are the facilitieswhich are emerged after implementation of digital technologies.It has provided them major support in development of software and functions to meet theemerging requirements of their clients (Neuman, 2013). With an aim to change their userstraditional methods. Present research is conducted on analysing impact of digital technologies ontransformation of business activities of Softwire Ltd, based on London and are led by cofounders Pete Kenny, Phile Marsden and Dan Shavick, who all remain involved in thecompany's day to day activities (Novoseltseva, 2017). It usually delivers software engineeringservice, develop and design solutions and consultancy services to some leading UK's brands. Inorder to undertake research, scholar has developed some important aims and objectives whichprovides a direction to complete research and getting relevant outcomes.1
Aim:To investigate how digital technologies has transformed the business activities in ITsector- a study on Softwire solutions.”Objectives:To assess various digital technologies that can help in transforming business.To analyse different digital technologies applied by Softwire in business operations.To investigate how digital technologies has transformed the business activities atSoftwire.To recommend methods through which Softwire Solutions can improve application ofdigital technologies for transformation of business activitiesP2 Project management planWBSTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsResource NamesCostlevel ofrisk1Identifying title ofproject5 daysMon2/19/18Fri2/23/18£0.00Low2Making problemstatement4 daysMon2/26/18Thu3/1/181£250.00Moderate3Setting deadlines toallocate resources11daysFri3/2/18Fri3/16/182£150.00Moderate4Literature review5 daysFri3/2/18Thu3/8/181,2Books, Journals,Internet andarticles£500.00High5Choosingtechniques forinvestigation4 daysMon3/19/18Thu3/22/183£100.00Moderate6Cost calculation5 daysFri3/9/18Thu3/15/184£300.00High7Data Interpretation7 daysFriMon5Questionnaires£475.0High2
and analysis3/23/184/2/1808Evaluating resultsand findings4 daysFri3/23/18Wed3/28/184,5£100.00Low9Presentingconclusion andrecommendations5 daysFri3/16/18Thu3/22/186£100.00Moderate10Documentingresults2 daysTue4/3/18Wed4/4/187£25.00High11Submission ofreport2.5daysTue4/3/18Thu4/5/186,7£0.00In order to complete the research, proper plan has been made that disclose the workperformed by scholar to complete the project. Relevant project time frame and resources are alsoanalysed which are used to complete the study.Cost: For completion of research, there is a requirement of financial resources. These financialresources are also needs to allocated by scholar for different activities which he will complete inthis project. Proper framework has been developed to achieve the aims and objectives of project.There are various important expenditure have been doneRisk: Present research also involves some risk and limitation which are occurred due to lack ofadequate financial resources and time duration.Time: It implies to the time which is to be taken scholar for completion of project activities. Inpresent context, the total time of research is determined by the researcher is 54.5 days.Communication: The scholar will communicate the progress of research to the team membersonce in a week by Email and other communicate channel. It will also communicate with superiorto gain acceptance on selection of topic and action plan used to complete research. Further,researcher will also interact with management of Softwire to proceed the further collection ofdata and analysing of influence of digital technologies on business operations.3
Quality: By using both primary and secondary research resource for data collection scholar hasmade the research more reliable and valid. Literature and articles relevant to topic are usedcollection of relevant information.Project Scope: Scholar has carried out this project with the scope of analysing various digitaltechnologies which can be implemented by organisation for transformation of business activities.Budget: The total budget of the project is determined to be at£2000.P3 Work Break down structure and Gantt chartWork break down structureA Gantt chart for research project.4Illustration1: Work break down structure of research
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