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Digital/Cybercrime Evolution, Detection, and Prevention

Added on -2019-09-20

This paper discusses the evolution, detection, and prevention of digital/cybercrime. It covers the history of cybercrime, intrusion detection techniques, and prevention measures. The importance of cyber security for nations and organizations is also highlighted. Subject: Cybersecurity, Course Code: NA, Course Name: NA, College/University: NA
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Digital/Cybercrime Evolution, Detection, and Prevention
IntroductionThe chosen topic for this paper is digital/cybercrime evolution, detection, and prevention. It is amost popular topic nowadays. Cybercrime is considered the combination of two terms "cyber"and the "crime" which means leads or governs. In this paper, we will discuss the cybercrimeevolution, detection, and prevention. This will give us an opportunity to enhance our technicalskills as well as knowledge about the cybercrime trend. Cyber environment contains all types ofcyber or digital activities. On the other hand, cybercrime is considered as a most popular issuethat can hardly be separated in an interconnected cyber environment (Yar, 2013). It plays animportant role in the ongoing development of internet services as well as informationtechnology. It is necessary for every nation security to enhance cyber security and preventcybercrime to save necessary and secret information about the nation. Cyber security is not onlynecessary for the nations but also for the different information technology and other technicalorganizations. Making the internet safer has become the necessary part of the development ofnew government policies as well as services. Thus, it can be said that cybercrime is a seriousissue due to the popularity of e-commerce trend. It should secure by using proper preventiontools and techniques for the benefit of the organization or the nation too.Cybercrime EvolutionCybercrime evaluated with the Morris worm. It was the first computer virus that distributedamong the computer system via internet in 1988. Morris worm releases a trend that spread to thewhole world like a wildfire. One of the high-profile cybercrime came into existence in 1985. It isa case of hacking. In it, two journalists stumbled upon administration credentials for the Prestel1
system of United States. This brings the first case of cybercrime legislation being introduced inlaw also. It is known as the Computer Misuse Act 1990 (Bhattacharya, 2015). The idea of usingthe internet as a source of earning money came into existence with the popularity of internet inthe 2000s. At that time email proved to be the important way that spawned a new technique ofcybercrime. That technique is known as spamming. There are a large number of spammers whoearned millions of pounds by promoting products and services through the use of unverified andillegal email. Users of computers and the internet utilize the anti-spam software's to protect theirsystem and block unauthorized access or services. But spammer able to discovers the new way oftheir business. They come up with a fresh idea which is that they require fresh computers tocontinue to deliver spam. On the other hand, inspired by the Morris worm, spammers able to findout that by teaming up with malware writers they can continue their business and can also useinfected botnets, and computers to transmit their email messages (Chouhan, 2014). Thus, it canbe said that this new business model continued spam functions, all under the control of aparticular person, circumnavigating anti-spam systems. So, it is the way by which cybercrimecame into existence and brings various problems for computer and internet users. Cybercrime DetectionCybercrime can successfully detect by using a large number of intrusion detection techniques.Such type of techniques includes following:Anomaly detection systemsTripwiresOperating System commandsHoney pots2

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