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Brief Summary of Theory and Progression in the fieldAll the articles across all the different four articles have a similar there underlining itscontents like the concept of conspicuous consumption or as also called luxury consumption. Inthe present day world, the consumption patterns of the luxury goods has taken a rise where theluxury dining is a big issue of status, prestige and class status of people, mostly urban (Teng andChang 2013). The same can be said for other such luxury goods like branded clothing, jewelryetc. which gives the concept of elite in its brandings over regular consumption. All the various other factors have reasons that may influence the consumption behavior.The other studies however suggests something which suggest that the usual behavior at timesseeks change and new experiments to celebrate an occasion when the regular clients may choosea goods of more value (Ryu, Han and Jang 2010). Such occurrence of changes in the taste mayalso get the clients to the restaurants of new taste and experience of sensory nature. Nevertheless, the study also suggests that the clients may look for a global exposurewhere the luxury products have a great efficiency to attract such clients. The global identity maymake the client go for global goods or taste that any take them to a fine dining of a differentcuisine. Thus the value and its perceptions along with the look for a new gratification peoplelooks for a fine dining (Kainth and Verma 2013). Common Themes across four articlesThe consumer’s intention to have a social standing or to communicate the similarities andthe differences makes the choses of brands for them. The wealth, fashion, taste are few aspectsthat makes a client choose the fine dining. The global identity seeking gives the client a taste forbeing a part of the diversity and its richness. The purchases that make gives their choices the2

identity which they are looking for along with the taste for it. So the global association or theneed for it keeps the people engaged in identification of the positive relationships that they makewith the purchase. Again, the same gives them the intended social status, exposure and theneedful elements of luxury in such dining. The needs to experiment with a new taste or style isthe key reason that may attract a client towards the goods is their new look, taste and style thatone loves to share or taste (Chen, Yeh and Huan 2014). So the intent of display and theexperience needs makes the consumption patterns for the clients in such dining outlets. Different ThemesThe difference of the themes in the articles are seen where the theme is centered aroundthe need for the status, wealth, status display while the other is around the clients taste toexperience something new (Teng and Chang 2013). The intent suggests or directs the behaviorwhere the patterns of the upper class are different to the one who is choosing for the taste of it.So the taste takes them to a new dining outlet where they expect a new taste over the regularfood that they eat. There the branding based on the social status or competition to show it topeers has its effects which also attracts the people who choose to use the service for the taste of it(Chen, Yeh and Huan 2014). Hence one may be quiet regular to fine dining while for others it’sfor a new experience. So the branding would vary for the people of various background which the diningbusiness managers needs to understand and implement. Thus the way the branding is done forthe product or service effects the display of the brand to the people or target audiences. Thepurchase intents of the people are thus to be understood and acted upon. This keeps the brandingand the contents along with the media selection well judged (Kainth and Verma 2013). Thedining is a good sign of display of social status to some while it’s about the experience for3

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