CHCDIV002 - Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Assignment

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Running head: DIPLOMA IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CAREDiploma in early childhood education and careName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1DIPLOMA IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARECheckpoint 1- Part AAnswer – Some strategies that can be used to maintain the cultural safety of Aboriginal or TorresStrait Island are:To notice the cultural practices and the individual behavior. Also to analyze the impact ofthe cultural practices on the people of the Aboriginal and Torres Island.To understand and state the impact of the history of the aboriginal island.To learn about the different cultures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and theimportance of these to the aboriginal people.To consult with the people of the island for the maintenance and preventing the culture ofthe aboriginal people.Checkpoint 1- Part BAnswer 1 - The RAP is used to enable the organizations for building the strong relationships andcreating the opportunities with the people of aboriginal people. They also help the workplacesfor facilitating to understand, promoting the engagement, maintaining the equality amongdifferent cultures. The RAP has been developed to promote reconciled and equitable cultures inthe Aboriginal Island.Answer 2 – The RAP ensures that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples get respectand equal opportunities to the healthcare facilities. There must be no discrimination between theaborigines and Non-Aborigine people.Answer 3 - The RAP provide opportunities for showing respect by the following strategies.
2DIPLOMA IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CAREBy developing a continuing professional development strategy which is focused on thepeople of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island.By ensuring that the discussion on the social justice mainly considers the effects on theAboriginal people.By promoting and participating in the weekly celebrations.Answer 4 – The RAP working group monitors the development and the implementation theactions by tracking the progress and reporting. It also helps in building the internal and externalrelationships in the health care centre. RAP workers also try to build the relationships betweenthe organizations and the communities.Checkpoint 1- Part CAnswer 4 - The Aboriginal family was a joint effort of families created of moms, fathers, uncles,close relatives, sisters, siblings and cousins. According to modern standards it is known as amore distant family. For Aboriginal individuals the most important thing is their family thatprovides them mental and wholehearted support which is very essential for their prosperity.Checkpoint 2 – Part AAnswer 1 - The duties regarding of an aboriginal liason officer is to offer help and encourage tocarers and family. They need to regard their way of life and to guarantee social care design iscoordinated into the youngster's case design.For instance in the event that one child has any issue at home like family brutality, disease ordemise in family and comes into our care benefit they must have the capacity to help and bolster
3DIPLOMA IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CAREthe tyke. They must be delicate and make the youngster to feel secure, sheltered, welcome andagreeable.Answer 2 - Communication is a skill, which requires research and practice. Knowing andunderstanding something about the other culture you are speaking with will enable you to buildup your abilities.Answer 3 - A liason officer can assume a critical part toward the start of the explorationprocedure spanning the social separation to encourage a smooth presentation and connectionbetween the specialist and the Aboriginal or potentially Torres Strait Islander people group.Part B –Answer 1. The communicating issue faced by the Arinya is they are not able to talk with theeducators.Answer 2. Strategies to improve communication are:-Use of signs, newsletters, greetings, songs and stories in their native language.The support of an interpreter when needed.At enrolment, key words should be determined with families so staff can effectivelycommunicate and care for their children as well as communicating with the families.Answer 3. Yes the racism and discrimination has played a part in the attitudes of the educatorsbecause they use to hate the aboriginal peoples.Checkpoint 3Part A – Report