Directions:. Go to the UMUC Library and click on “Resea

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Directions:1.Go to the UMUC Library and click on “Research Guides” to search by subject. to the Subject area that is most closely related to your major or career. Take a look aroundthis UMUC Subject Guide to familiarize yourself with the materials available to help you in yourfield of study while at UMUC.3.Click on the button for databases in your Subject area.4.Choose a communication theory or the name of a researcher you found interesting in thiscourse. Using one or more of the databases for your field, search that theory or person to see ifcommunication research has been applied to your area. You may also want to limit the searchby using other keywords for your specific area of career interest. Select at least three relevantresearch articles to use for this assignment.5.After reviewing your class notes on the theory and reading the research articles you found,please write a comprehensive paragraph which answers the following questions:a.What are your career interests?b.What subject area did you investigate?c.What database(s) did you use for your search?d.What theory did you select for this assignment (select only one theory and discuss it indepth).e.How can an understanding of the theory you selected supplement your skills and theinsights you will need to succeed in your line of work? Make sure you use evidence fromyour notes and the research articles to substantiate your claims.f.Provide full APA Citations for three articles you found which discussed the use ofCommunication Theory in your line of work/field of study. (3 points)Please be sure to write carefully and well, using good grammar and APA in-text citations for quotes andparaphrases.As always, the following rubric will be used to grade your assignment.90 to 100 points80 to 89 points70 to 79 points50 to 69 points0 pointsThe studentdemonstrates athoroughThe student demonstratesa solid understanding ofthe class concepts coveredThe studentdemonstrates anadequate understandingThe student does notdemonstrate andadequate understandingStudentdoes notturn in
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