Disability Inclusion Action Plan Assignment

Added on - 23 Mar 2020

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REPORT2Disability depicts a mental or physical condition which constraints an individual`s activities,senses or even movements. It involves limiting the number of activities such an individualcan take part with much ease in within the society[ CITATION Bar141 \l 2057 ]. He or she maybe incapacitated either mentally, physically or at times socially. The disabled peoplenormally face quite some discrimination in various aspects of life. This is particularlyregarding their access to the normal daily services which other people without disabilitiesseek. The services range from social services, economic services, medical services,commuting services and recreation services among others[ CITATION Tho17 \l 2057 ].Such discrimination inhibits the manner in which such people access important or ratherbasic services in the society. One such service is the transportation service particularly publictransport system[ CITATION Rob10 \l 2057 ]. For instance, you find that disabled people arehighly excluded or left out when other people are boarding the various public transport meanslike the train and buses. People with disabilities are not awarded the required help whenaccessing these transport systems. This is sad since it is a trend that is replicated across theglobe. The old people who are the highly affected by disability cases are facing shortage ofassistive support. This is highly attributed to the fact that a majority of young people whocan assist them in their mobility are out in the urban areas or they just neglect them[ CITATIONBen14 \l 2057 ].As such, it is indispensable for people with disabilities to get special preferential treatmentespecially when it comes to the convenience of their transport around and within the citiesand even in the rural areas. Keen attention should be given when drafting policies to enhancetheir mobility by using the transport systems. This will essentially help them to access otherdaily life services with ease. This evaluation will be centered on the strength and gapassessment of the draft policy from the public health lenses.One of the chief points that the disability inclusion plan for NSW has and that can bringremarkable transformation in public health is `liveable communities`. The ability of peoplewith disabilities to get where they need to go in a safe and dignified manner, the ability touse public transport and facilities and the ability to get to enjoy similar convenience andcomfort like any other customers or commuters are very paramount[ CITATION Bar17 \l 2057 ].This includes enhancing the accessibility of train stations, the accessibilityof bus stops,accessibility of ferry wharves, enhancing the access to taxi services by disabled people,enhancing the pedestrian walk ways for all people with a special preference for people withdisabilities and offer enhanced mobility support to disabled people in the peripheral and ruralareas.Making the train stations more accessible to people with disability will aid in eliminating thestruggle they go through when reporting to work and leaving for home[ CITATION Jam152 \l2057 ]. This will reduce the stress they face in their movement. Furthermore, this willmotivate other people who have disabilities to workharder and even grow their carriers in thelong run. Similarly, it will allure and inspire other disabled people to actively seek foremployment even in distant places since they can access train stations with much ease.
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