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Disaster managementand climate change area
Coping mechanismThe people who belongs from those place or areas which are difficult to live, theyevolves various kind of methods and techniques to protect from natural issues. The methods andtechniques which they develops are based on the knowledge of climate and environment as wellas past danger activities. In addition, their techniques and methods are based on the traditionaland modern knowledge. Traditional knowledge is a kind of knowledge that is related to thehaving knowledge about the local area and environment.Coping mechanism is also known by the coping strategy or adaptive strategy. Herein, thechoice of the needed skill or technique is depend on the nature of the hazard activity. Apart fromthis, the individual capacities are also important for the facing the natural disaster activitiesbecause these varies from each other, which offers more alternative to overcome from hazardevent.Indigenous knowledge is largely based on the many factors like experience of anindividual living in the difficult situations as well as time period of surviving in that situation. Itis not necessary that it remain same as the past year, this kind of knowledge changes due tovarious step by step generations and flexibility of external environment. Eventually, indigenousknowledge is a wide term, it is not limited till any specific culture or religion. This type ofknowledge is not fixed it changes as per the need of environment and different challengingactivities. Apart from these, it consists many other information like finding of seeds, analysingthe need of selling and purchasing the essential items etc. This kind of knowledge is studied inthose countries which are of low income or poor environmental conditions. This is why, becausethose country's generation knows about the natural environment, external situation as well as toovercome from the natural disaster situations. Expect from this, it depends on the person'sperception about the different disaster situation.The excitement for typical technologies of solving the natural disaster situations forcesthe experts to ignore the local person's strategies to cope up with the disaster events. The expertsdepends on the various agencies. Though the knowledge of local communities towards theenvironmental conditions can help in making strong agenda for the natural disasters. In additionthe local generations are putting their interest towards the natural environmental changes. Thereare many kind of studies about the food security, drought and famine in the disaster conditionswhich are done by the natural disaster experts. These kind of strategies are praised by the1
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