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Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook
Step 3: Build an End User Profile for the
Beachhead Market
General Exercises to Understand Concept
1. Pick a successful product that you know well. Who do you think the target
end user is for that product? Write down the demographics and
Demographics (your guess): Uber mainly targets the 18-60 and above age
group individuals both male and female who travel regularly
Psychographics (your guess): Lifestyle is attractive wherein most of them
prefer to go in Uber to their workplace for comfort and women customers
2. Now go to the product’s website, and look up advertisements for the product
in the media, and see if the message there is consistent with your profile.
Does the end users depicted look like what you expect them to? Is the
product appealing to the priorities of your profile?
Demographics (per website/ads): 10.7%of the gross bookings
Psychographics (per website/ads): 5% of the bookings
What messages, images, proxy products, and other factors give you
hints as to the product’s end user profile: The logo of Uber Company
and the technologically advanced features
3. Politicians and their teams are extremely aware of “end voter” profiles. Pick
two candidates who are competing directly against each other in a current or
recent election, and try to define each candidate’s “base,” their core group of
voters, which is analogous to beachhead market. In doing so, look at the
candidates’ contrasting messages and imagesand notice how they reassure
and attract these people to the candidate.
Candidate 1:
Candidate 2:
Demographics of
Age Location
Psychographics of
Lifestyle Values and Attitudes
“Proxy products” –
what things do
members of the base
actually do in their
lives that
The luxurious lifestyle The proper understanding
of the different products
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