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The Norms of Sustainable Growth | Report

Added on - 01 Oct 2019

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Discussion 13.1Toyota Motors’ report on sustainable growth has been an appropriate one in terms ofappeasing and meeting the target audience needs. The report is a concise one with all detailsabout the efforts rendered by the Company to comply with the norms of sustainable growth.The introductory paragraph of the report shows the efficacy of the report by conveying to thetarget audiences the mission and vision of the Company. The report’s primary purpose hasbeen to inform the audience about Toyota’s efforts in bringing about sustainability in itsoperation and production. Keeping in mind the need of environmental safety, themanagement of the Company has published the report to show how much its products areenvironmental friendly. The report is meant to inform the Company’s stakeholders about thepositive progress of the Company at the face of global changes. The fact that Toyota strivesfor implementing a positive cycle of making better cars for exceeding customers’expectations has been thoroughly depicted in the report (“Initiatives for Sustainable Growth”,2017). The primary message in the report is quite straightforward and simple – “Toyota aimsto grow sustainability in concert with society” (“Initiatives for Sustainable Growth”, 2017).The sustainability report is infused of both qualitative and quantitative research modeland this has again added to the efficacy of the report. Accurate data has been provided andproper graphs and charts have been ingrained in the report to assist the audience inunderstanding the important aspects of the report in a thorough manner. The report is quitesuitable for the target audience and it is already an enriched one. The organization of theinformation in the report has been immaculate, and it must be said that the textual and visualimpact of the report is quite notable. The information has been organized in a chronologicalmanner, and this has also added to the effectiveness of the report.(314 words)
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