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Discussion 5:3The current situation for Ed is very tricky. The reason is that Ed must not have clearly statedto the employees that the situation during the Holidays is going to be good and that is thelikely reasons why the employees are looking for not working on the holidays. I could havehandled this from the beginning by making it clear to the employees that they are working inthe retail sector and there are no ways they are going to be on off on the holidays as those aremain season for earnings for the company. Moreover, Ed could have placed some incentivesfor the holidays. This will motivate employees.Modules Four and FivePeople skillsThe basic skills in management and leadership involve people skills, anger management,team handling, leadership skills and management skills.The obtained score of 55 received on the people skill quiz shows that “I am able to recognizethat working well with others in the workplace is important, and am trying to workcollaboratively while still making sure my needs are met. There is room for improvement,however, as old habits may creep in during times of stress and pressure”. I was not surprisedon the basis of score I received on people skill as I always knew that am improvement isalways needed in me to improvise my people management skills. I came to the conclusionabout myself that in order to be in a position to succeed at my work place I need to be pro-active and determine that in what area an improvement is required to make.Anger managementThe obtained score of 68 received on the anger management skill quiz shows that “I have avery good understanding of what makes me angry, and I know what to do when I start to feelsigns of trouble”. I was not surprised on the score which I received on anger managementbecause I rely on undertaking any work with calmness and practice it strongly. I have sharedwith scores results with my family and they are happy that I am working on improving myanger management. The scores are not perfect and thus I came to the conclusion that I need tobe more focused on taking an appropriate decision to deal with the situation in a positive wayinstead of suppressing anger that would result in a feeling of depression in me.After assessing my results, I came to the conclusion that to be in a respectful position tobecome a good manager or manager one has to work on every management aspects since weall are imperfect and nothing comes handy especially when the task is managing people.
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