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Discussion Forum 1.3Many of the topics in Chapter 1 of your eText are counterintuitive and surprising.Name acouple of them and explain why you find them surprising.Will this newfound information besufficient to change your behavior?1. If you have romantic difficulties, an astrologer may advise you to choose an Aries instead of an Aquarius as yournext love and a “past-lives channeler” may say it’s because you were jilted in a former life. Belief in theseunscientific approaches is widespread, even in scientifically advanced countries.Yet, whenever the claims of psychics and astrologers are put to the test, those claims turn out to be so vague as tobe meaningless (“Spirituality will increase next year”) or just plain wrong.To answer this question, I will.......Growing up within a culture where my family, friends and socialenvironment embraced psychic readings and soothsayers as an everyday part of life decisions when itcame to relationships, finances and religion it was confusing to say the least that much of this was basedonhocus pocus.....Always believed in everything that my immediate family as well as extended familysaid.Without Questions!Will this newfound information be sufficient to change your behavior?Absolutely! I have sincechanged by views from those of my immediate family and social environment. Life has truly taught methe hard way about “Empirical Evidence” in more ways than one.2. How do you study?If you are like most students, your favorite strategy is to read the textbook and your notesand then read them again. You may think that reading and rereading is the best way to learn.It is not.Secret #1: Use the 3R technique: Read, Recite, ReviewReada section of the chapter. Then close the book and hide your notesRecite (speak aloud)everything you can remember about what you’ve just read. You don’t need fancyequipment. You can recite to yourself, to a friend, to your cat, or even to your coffee mug or a plant in yourroomReviewthe section by reading it again to correct anything you got wrong, or to revisit important informationthat you overlooked, when you recited.To answer this question, I will.......I have been reading, reading, reading and rereading as a form of effectivestudying habits all of my life. This form of studying was introduce to me as a kid in grammar school by my teachersas well as my parents, so I assumed that it must be the best way to learn and to past test.Will this newfound information be sufficient to change your behavior?Most definitely.......Starting today!Reference:Pearson Psychology Seventh(7) Edition-
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