Dispute and problem solving Assignment

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Dispute and problem solving is a matter of utmost importance in the field ofnegotiation.Solving a problem involves some type of negotiation, which leads to an agreement.A clear example and which we will use in this work will be the topic on North Korea,its conflicts with South Korea, the United States and Japan, and how it is that todaythey are kept in peace thanks to documents which all parties they signed tomaintain an atmosphere of peace between them.The Korean peninsula is a region in East Asia that is divided almost in half into twoalmost completely different countries; North Korea and South Korea, but it was notalways like this, in fact 71 years ago these two countries did not exist, and insteadthere was a single territory called Korea. The Kingdom of Korea was an isolatedplace from the world and almost no one had an interest in it, except for itsneighbors China and Japan. In 1894, China and Japan faced each other in theFirst Japanese Chinese War, since both wanted to have control and influence overthe territory of Korea. A year later, that war was won by Japan, and for the next 10years, Japan continued to seize the Korean territory mercilessly. At the beginningof the 20th century, between 1904 and 1905, another neighbor of the area with hisown interests entered to defend the Koreans from the war against the Japanese,but in this new war, there were only many deaths and no definitive winner, but thatYes, Russia began to influence a group of guerrillas who years later would adoptcommunist ideas and fight against the Japanese to defend Korea. Years passedand we reached the second world war between 1939 and 1945, by this time, whilein Europe most of the important battles were fought, in East Asia, Japan hadbecome a powerful empire that crushed the weakest territories to colonize themlike Korea, where men were killed or enslaved and women were raped. TheJapanese were so cruel to the Korean people that they even changed theirsurnames to Japanese surnames and were forbidden to speak Korean, becausethey practically wanted to completely disappear their culture and traditions.In 1945 the United States defeated Japan by dropping two atomic bombs on itsterritory and the end of the Second World Cup had arrived. The problem is thatnow the winners of the war had to decide how to divide the territories of the losers;
Among the winners of the war were the United States with imperialist ideas and theSoviet Union with communist ideas, among the losers were for example Germany,which was divided in half, to the west influenced by the United States and to theeast by the Soviet Union , and among the territories to be divided from Asia, werethe Korean peninsula that had been rescued from the Japanese at the end of thewar, but now it was left to decide who was going to keep it.The Soviet Union was already installed in the northern part and the United Stateshad already taken the southern part, the division was made on the 38th parallel,but both wanted to control the entire peninsula, and in 1947, the United Nations-ledUN proposed Make elections to democratically define the president of all Korea,but the Soviet Union did not think this idea and the selections were carried out onlyin the southern part of Korea. In 1948 Syngman Rhee became the first president-elect of South Korea, and although Syngman was Korean by birth, for many yearshe lived, studied, and made a political career in the United States. He practicallyimplied that the United States put him there because it aligned with his politicalideology. For its part, the Soviet Union did something similar and they put Kim ilsung as a leader in North Korea, who had been born in Korea and during theSecond World War he was part of the communist army that fought against theJapanese and obviously being Korean but Being alienated from communistideology, it was in the interest of the Soviet Union to keep it in power and thusmaintain its influence over this territory. Thus, the Soviet Union began to reinforcethe image of Kim il sung as a national hero of Korea and in September 1948 Kim ilsung created the Democratic People's Republic of Korea better known as NorthKorea. But in addition to creating this new country, I also create the institutions,political party and army made up of its comrades on the battlefield in the war,which made North Korea what it is today. In addition to creating a federation of artand literature, with which the government could maintain and control the cultureand influence over its inhabitants through art, literature and the media, a cult of thepersonality of Kim Il Sung was created, highlighting his achievements, its historyand its charisma to almost religious and sacred dimensions.
Going back to 1948, North Korea with its capital in Pyongyang City and SouthKorea with its capital in Seoul each already had their president, and one mightthink that the problems would have ended here, but it did not. In fact it was herewhere the real problems started, since these two countries being divided on the38th parallel, both presidents had in mind to take the other part of the Koreanterritory and rule the entire peninsula. This rivalry sparked one of the bloodiestwars in history, becoming almost the third world war.Going back to 1948, both the President of North Korea and the President of SouthKorea were dissatisfied with only ruling a part of the Korean peninsula, bothwanted to reunite their people and create a single republic, but neither was willingto cede power or political system to the other, so things began to heat up betweenthe two Korea for the next two years, and although both parties assure that theother attacked first, on June 25, 1950 a battle broke out between the two Korea onthe 38th parallel, which marked the beginning of the Korean war.Within hours, the northern army had already penetrated southern territory and washeaded to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. With a group of 230 Russian tanksand an army trained by the Soviet Union. For its part, the army of South Koreatrained by the United States, realized that the enemy was much stronger thanthem, so they fled from the city of Seoul to the south, and in desperation to stop thepassage From the army of the north, they exploited the bridge that crosses theHang river, but they did it when there were people crossing the bridge to flee fromthe capital, and with this they caused the death of thousands of refugees andsoldiers from the south. Meanwhile, three days after the invasion of North Korea bythe 38th parallel, on June 28, 1950, the North Army had already seized Seoul, andthe next step was to continue advancing throughout the peninsula until conqueringall of Korea. from the south. Given this situation, the UN identified North Korea asan aggressor and decided to send military support to defend South Korea. Amongthe countries that sent soldiers to the Korean war to help South Korea, wereAustralia, Thailand, France and Colombia in addition to other countries, but of allthe allies the country that sent the most soldiers to South Korea was states. united
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