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DISSEMINATION STRATEGIESName of the Student:Name of the University:
INTRODUCTIONAs reported by Lyu et al., (2017)overtreatment is prevailing in United Statesbeing a reason of preventable waste in thehealthcareTests prescribed by doctors are based ontraining and need to be educated in cost-conscious tests and medicineNew doctors tend to embrace expensive andnew forms of medical technology
TARGET AUDIENCE AND DISSEMINATIONSTRATEGIESTargeted communication strategies is forphysiciansneed to understand and be aware of the highhealthcare costs due to unnecessary costsThe strategies include:ConferencesPublicationsPress ReleaseBlogs
CONFERENCESBest means of developing advocacy and makingphysicians engage in a direct, face-to-facediscourse and communicationThere is delivering of papers, power pointpresentations and lectures on disadvantages ofincreased waste resources that contribute to highhealthcare costs.These will be presented at seminars with an aim ofachieving good national and disciplinary spread.Outcome measure:Number of presentations and conference papersConference workshopsConference attendanceSize and type of conference
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