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DISSERTATION PROPOSAL FORMProvisional Title of Dissertation.The title of the dissertation is Impulse Buying and Post-Purchase Dissonance – A Studyof Students in UK.Topic(s) or issue(s) to investigate for Dissertation.There are two aspects that will be investigated in this paper. The first is the impulsebuying among the students in the UK and their relationship with the Post-PurchaseDissonance. It has been hypotheses prior to conducting the study that the increasednumber of impulse buying increases the instances of post-purchase dissonance. Alongwith that, it has been hypothesized that the individuals involved in the increased impulseactivities confront high post-purchase dissonance.These two hypotheses will act as the sub-topics that will drive the entire dissertation.What facts or information will need to gather? How will access these?The study will be secondary in nature. Two types of resources will be used to fulfill theresearch requirement. As per the literature review is concerned, past studies on the similartopic or the related topic will be picked to understand what researchers have concluded sofar.Moreover, after the literature review, secondary data will be collected to understand thecurrent situation and fulfill the dissertation requirement. The secondary data, to be used inunderstanding the impulse purchase and post-purchase dissonance, will be picked fromAmazon, Ebay and other similar product selling websites where customers come back towrite their post-purchase reviews. In addition, there are different review sites wherecustomers put their reviews such as SiteJabber.com and Trust Pilot. Reviews from these
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