Dissertation On Recession In Nigeria & Other Countries

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Dissertation Proposal FormUpdated April 2018This dissertation proposal is a working document that helps you clarify your focus, objectives, academicliterature, methods and timetable. We will use this form to help identify an Academic Supervisor. You mustcompleteeverysection of the form.1Your DetailsFull Name:Chibuzor OguUniversity ID Number:1567509Contact Telephone Number:+2347034095853Email Address:c.ogu@warwick.ac.ukWhen did you start your MBA?2016Has the organisation(s) you are studying (where applicable) agreed to participate? YesToday’s date: 13thJan 20192Dissertation TopicWhat will be the overarching area of study for your dissertation? Please remember that this can bemodified as your work progresses. Maximum 15 words.Recession, its effect on entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs deal with itHow recessionaids theincreaseof“side hustles” in Nigeriato go through it or what might hinder them to recover?3ObjectivesWhat are the three majorspecificobjectives of your project? This will frame the scope of your project.For example, what do you hope to explore, discover, prove or solve? Maximum 50 words.-unconventionalTounderstand entrepreneurial thinking, societal behaviours and its effect duringrecession on survival of businesses.catalyst of increased entrepreneurship, economical blessings ofrecession- self-sufficiency.4Proposed ContributionWill your dissertation contribute to theory, practice or both? How? Maximum 100 words.The dissertation would contribute both theoretically and practically, it would give a good avenue toresearch on the foundational requirements to survive during recessions as close as the last recession inNigeria and relate this 2 or 3 other countries that have faced recession to validate both secondary andprimary date sources.
5RationaleWhy have you chosen this topic? How does it relate, for example, to your company and your job?Maximum 100 words.Cisco systems runs a 99% partner leg organisation, we have seen few of our partners struggle during the lastrecession period in Nigeria- few went down, other laid off staffs while those that survived barely did. Asthey remain an extension to the Cisco business it will give me an opportunity to better understand theirbusiness challenges and how within Cisco we can be appreciative of their challenges in doing business.6Proposed MethodologyHow are you going to collect and analyse your data?Has the organisation(s) you are studying (whereapplicable) agreed to give you access to the data and people you need?Maximum 200 words.Through secondary datae(Books, Independent research) and validated by primary data s (qualitativeinterview within the ICT space).7Relevant LiteratureWhat relevant literature have you already looked at? List the 8 books or journal articles that you believeare of relevance to your proposed study.1.The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.2. Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal3.The Non-Technical Founder by Josh MacDonald.4. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation J. Technol. Manag Innov. 2011, Volume 6, Issue I p. 66-768BenefitsWhat is the anticipated value of your dissertation to your organisation or society as a whole? List 3benefits of your dissertation. Maximum 50 words.1)Navigating recession for business2)Strategy report on entrepreneurship3)Feasibility Forecast on business sustainability/durability9TimetablePlease provide a proposed timetable for your dissertation process.ActivityDeadlineRefine proposal in light of supervisor feedbackJan. 13th2019Literature Search and ReadingJan. 25th2019Refine proposal in light of readingJan. 26th2019Define research methods (qualitative interview)Jan. 30th2019Page2of4
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