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Anxiety and Stress : Research Report

Added on -2019-09-19

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DissertationTopic: Anxiety: Examination of final year student and how they cope on their examThe project aims to.......... Past research has indicate what is the associate with anxiety and stress (what is the past research). Project will use quantitative method toidentify link between anxiety, stress performance in academic performance Question with stressQuestion with anxiety Min exam results Gender, ethnicityDisabilities Academic performance Project summary: The project draws on literature from emotional aspects of learningand teaching. By using participative inquiry the project involved working with students to understand their concerns and anxieties about approaching exams, putting requested sessions in place and reflecting on reaction from the students and the researches as practitioners. It was concluded that recognition of the need for a learner-centred approach that addresses emotional as well as academic issues in the learning and teaching of modules has a beneficial effect. The exploratory work in this paper suggests a need continually to attend to the ‘obvious’ by addressing the everyday ordinary interface with students. The recommendation is that issues in

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