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Examination stress and anxiety: A study of college students

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Examination stress and anxiety: A study of college students_1
Topic:EXAMINATION STRESS AND ANXIETY: A STUDY OF STUDENTS IN HIGHEREDUCATION.A Research aims defines the actual purpose of the research so as to find out all answer ofquestions in a scientific manner. Aims are rely upon desired outcomes of the research which ismust for investigator to achieve. It helps in making a research project more efficient or effective.A proper aim is highly essential for the overall success of research. It needs to be precise andshould elaborate about the topic well (Beattie, 2014).The main aim of the given project is toexamine the stress as well as anxiety level among students who are getting a higher education.There are various cases of anxiety and stress among individuals pursuing higher studies; they areconstantly faced with pressure of standing up to the expectations of society. The current researchwill try to find out the level of anxiety and stress that Students would be facing while undergoingthis immense pressure. Here, the qualitative method will be taken into consideration with an aimto assess the relationship between stress and student academic performance, anxiety and studentacademic performance.Project summary: There are different type of secondary data will be taken into consideration inrelation to the given study. Here, as per the viewpoint of Robotham & Julian (2006), it isexamined that student retention and progression is becoming one of the major issues for theuniversities and it is the reason why it is very important for them that they should identify somemeasures with the help of which they can retain their students. On the other hand, another studyreveals that constant pressure of examination is raising the stress level in students. Purpose: ‘To assess the relationship between stress and anxiety on the academic performance ofstudents in higher education’. The impact of stress and anxiety is quite high on academicperformance of an individual, thus it becomes essential to analyze the real pressure that studentsare facing and its real impact on academic performance of students. This research can givedetailed knowledge and information to the society about the pressure that our students are facingand how they are coping with it in this stressful environment.Desired outcome: The stress, as well as anxiety, will have a negative impact on the academicperformance of the student.Research design: A research design is a overall framework for the investigation. It anticipates allthe subsequent stages of research process. There are three types of research design, such as-1
Examination stress and anxiety: A study of college students_2

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