Dissociative Identity Disorder Assignment

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1Running head: DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER IN SPLIT 2016DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER IN SPLIT 2016Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
2DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER IN SPLIT 2016Dissociative identity disorder also known as multiple personality disorder is acondition wherein the identity of a person is divided into two or more personalities that aredistinctively present (Dorahyet al, 2014). The people who suffer from this mental illness aregenerally the targets of severe bullying and abuse. The following essay deals with theportrayal of dissociative identity disorder in the movieSplit.The essay proceeds to discussthe issues presented by the illness worldwide as well as the concerned country. It alsodiscusses the socio-cultural impacts of the disease on the individual suffering from thecondition as well as their families and their workplaces. The essay also attempts to find outsome ways of treating and managing the illness. The essay concludes with therecommendations towards the clients on the ways to manage the mental condition.The movieSplitdeals with the struggle of a mentally unstable serial killer, Kevin. Themovie was considered to be a sequel to the movieUnbreakablewhich was also written,directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan (Pulver, 2017). The movie was first premieredon the 26thof September, 2016 at the Fantastic Fest. It was released on the 20thof January,2017 under the banner of the famous Universal Pictures. The movie received accolades andhad also been labelled by a section of the critics for marking the comeback of Shyamalan.The movie had also received high amounts of criticism for the stigmatised portrayal of thesensitive issue of mental health. The director, M. Night Shyamalan, portrays the emergenceof horror from the mental condition of dissociative personal disorder or DID. The movie talksabout the central character Kevin. The psychological horror-thriller deals with the 23different types of personalities that exist in the same person (Www.youtube.com, 2017). Theperson is shown to have kidnapped three girls who are in their teenage years. They had beenimprisoned in an underground facility and had been kept isolated from the outer world. Thethree girls were meant to serve as offerings to the dark powers.
3DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER IN SPLIT 2016The mental illness that is described in the movie is commonly known as Dissociativeidentity disorder or DID. In the storyline of the movie is found that the protagonist suffersfrom the condition. The victims of Kevin learn about this character trait of the person onlyafter their kidnapping an imprisonment. The doctor who had been dealing with the case ofKevin had reported to have identified 23 different personalities within the same person.According to the doctor, Dr. Fletcher the different personalities can be viewed as sitting inchairs in a room inside the mind of Kevin. They wait for their turns in order to take controlover the body of Kevin. The major dominating personality is that of Barry and this is thepersona that is found deciding on which personality should be taking control of the physicalattributes of Kevin at a given point of time. The doctor identifies that these personalities hadrisen to power in order to help the protagonist to cope up with the abuses that were inflictedupon him during his childhood by his mother who suffered from the obsessive-compulsivedisorderly state of mind.The dissociative identity disorder is mainly characterized by two or more split ordistinct personalities of the same person (Paris, 2012). These personalities continuouslycontrol the behaviour of the person. As a result, the patients who suffer from this disorder areunable to remember any of the personal information. This forgetfulness is not similar to thesimple forgetfulness that people face in their daily lives (Staniloiu & Markowitsch, 2014).The person may experience memory variations that are highly distinct and fluctuate with thesplit personalities that are resident within the mind of the concerned person. The differentpersonalities of the person may belong to different ages, racial divisions and even may havedifferent genders. All these personalities may have different behavioural patterns likegestures, postures and the way of speech even. The identities may be imaginary people oreven animals. The different identities reveal themselves and take control over the thoughtsand behaviours of the concerned individual. This process is known a s switching and may
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