Distribution Channel Effectiveness.

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Distribution Channel Effectiveness
Step: 1Unavailability of productThe unavailability of a product reaction is very bad because it directly impacts on the brand image in the eyes of the consumers. It builds the poor brand image and bad perception regarding the brand which directly impacts on the sales volume of the company. It made the consumers frustrated due to unavailability of product on time due to which consumer loss interest on the particular brand (Nebenzahl et al., 2013). The supply chain and distribution strategy of the company is very poor which is shown from the unavailability of product at the time of purchase. The supply chain of the company needs to be effective in order to avail the product to the target consumers. The distribution channel strategy which the company tries to achieve is to provide the product on time in order to meet the need and demands of the customers. Step: 2Product widely availableThe availability of product on time delights the customer by fulfilling the present need with the consumption of the particular product. The availability of product on time satisfies the customersby meeting the needs on time. The perception of the company among the customers becomes positive which helps promote the brand image in the eyes of the consumers. The ubiquity of product shows the dedication of company towards its customers which helps to attract a large number of consumers and it boost the sales volume of the company. The building of brand image

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