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Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the importance of diversity in the workplace and how it can be managed effectively. It covers topics such as workforce diversity, equal employment opportunity, and the benefits of creating a positive working environment where all employees are valued.
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Diversity can be considered as a commitment towards appreciating and recognising the varietyof characteristics where every individual feel unique in the working environment therebypromoting and celebrating the collective and individual achievement. The diversity in theworkplace considers everyone to be a unique person. Although the people are seen to haveeverything in common but it must be considered that everyone is different in their own way. Allthe personal characteristics on the basis of race, gender, disability, sex, reassignment, pregnancy,civil partnership, religion and beliefs, age, sexual orientation etc are seen to be covered by thediscrimination law so as to provide protection to the people against being treated unfairly.Therefore it is clear that the diversity at the workplace must have high tolerance of variousunique aspects of the working individuals within the working environment. The organization must recognize a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model and approach for managing thepeople who are seen to have issues with achieving fairness and equality for opportunity for eachand every individual. The organization has different personal values, needs and beliefs. Thepeople management practices must be able to fulfil the demand of the people propositions thatare seen to be consistently fair and are seen to have flexible and inclusive manger which are seento support the business needs. Diversity management is basically a process which is intended for maintaining and creating apositive working environment where all the difference and similarities of the employees arehighly valued. This type of working environment is helpful reaching their potential and formaximizing the contribution towards the strategic objectives and goals of the organization. The workforce diversity can easily be related to the equal employment opportunity where theindividuals belonging from colour, race, sex, religion and national origin will be kept on thesame scale without any discrimination. Furthermore, the workforce can also be subjected toeducation, teaching, sexual orientation and differences, tenure, abilities, difference in values,personality etc. Therefore, the working environment must aim towards maximizing the potentialof the employees and the organization in turn feels that it is recruiting the best employees whichresults in greater revenue, profits and job security (DiTomaso, N., Post, C., & Parks-Yancy, R.,2007). Budgens could do the same by providing training opportunities for black people to reach seniorpositions within the supermarket business. This would encourage more people from a diverse

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