Diversity in positive action in recruitment for West Lothian Council

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RESEARCH PROPOSALDiversity in positive action in recruitment forWest Lothian Council
INTRODUCTIONA Critical Analysis of the impact of diversity in positive action for the process ofrecruitment: A case analysis of West Lothian CouncilResearch BackgroundAccording to Bear et, al,. (2010) Human resource management (HRM) is the crucial andmost significant part of business operations. HRM functions focus on planning, developing,coordinating and controlling the employees in order to attain organisational objectives. Thissegment of the business unit creates a wide and significant impact on business growth anddevelopment (Ghaye, 2010). The legal and regulatory framework of business, plan and developpolicies which regulates organisational functions under ethical considerations. Every businessirrespective of its purpose of operations develops structured and well defined policies andprocedures for organisational growth in the competitive economy. These policies are welldefined by HR department of the company for every employee. According toSaunders et, al,(2012)business policies and procedures are developed in order to achieve consistency andoutline protocols. These are developed to reduce risks of misunderstanding of employment termsand also to ensure fairness within the companies (Policies and procedures,2015).The term positive actions represent different methods and strategies designed andimplemented to minimise discriminatory actions and abolish stereotyping within the economy(Stratigaki, 2012). This terminology has a significant impact on HR practices and policies of thebusiness. In the modern era of hyper-competition diversity of workforce is an effective option forenhancing organisational growth and brand image within the market (Equality Act 2010 -discrimination and your rights.2015). Employing diverse range of people in the business reflects3
community talent efficiently. It helps the business in developing a strong and committed team ofemployees as well. Diverse ideology developed an effective base for understanding uniqueconsumer requirementsas well as strengtheninggroup thinking which enhances decision makingprocess of the company.(Bureau, 2011)The equality bill proposed by parliaments enhances and supports diversity within theorganization by using positive actions using positive actions. The concept focuses on recruitingmore representative range of people in the business using practice of recruitment in positiveaction. This strategy helps the business in attaining competitive and strong team of employees(Madia, 2011). This framework helps a business in developing a strong positive brand imagewithin the community. It helps in developing equal opportunities and diverse practices forbusinesses. A wide range of practices and procedures are adopted by organisations to provideequal opportunities to individuals irrespective of their, age, gender, nationality, disability, raceetc (The Equality Act 2010,2011). This helps in providing equal opportunities to applicants insignificant HR procedures such as recruitment and selection (Barak, 2013).For the past decade, a number of positive actions initiatives have been seen aroundScotland including Police Scotland, Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service, Crown Office andProcurator Fiscal Services. The present study will develop an in-depth study about the conceptsand practices adopted by public sector organisations similar to those stated above. The caseanalysis of West Lothian Council will help in understating the application of concept in publicsector industry. The Council is a publicly accountable organisation. West Lothian Council is oneof 32 Scottish unitary local authorities, serving a community of over 175,000 citizens in central4
Scotland (West Lothian Council,2015).The main aim of the council is to develop quality of lifeof the people residing there. It integrates its corporate objectives with community andenvironmental needs to attain a positive outcome for the community. The major emphasis of thecouncil is to develop a positive change within the market through an effective decision makingprocess. Diversity is a key requirement of council.The study will examine the process andpractices adopted by the council in order to provide equal job opportunities for individuals. Theproposal herewith is going to assess the diversity in positive action in recruitment for WestLothian Council.Aims and objectivesThe aim of HRM Research Project is to analyse the impact of diversity in positive actionfor the process of recruitment: A case analysis of West Lothian CouncilObjectivesTo critically analyse the concept of diversity in positive action to identify key conceptsand best practiceTo examine the impact of diversity in positive action in recruitment process for WestLothian CouncilTo identify the range of practices adopted by public sector organizations to recruit peopleusing diversity in positive actionsTo recommend the best practices for diversity in positive action for public sectororganisations to bring together the findings and make recommendations to establish thebest set of practices for West Lothian Council5
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