Sample Assignment on Radiography

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Question1. Chemicals used in developing a radiograph including precautions to handle themRadiography also known as x-ray film is considered as a delicate product which quitesensitive to various things. It includes X-rays, gamma rays, light photons and pressure, includingdifferent types of gases and fumes, heat and moisture etc. In this regard, various chemicals areused while developing a radiograph. It includes:-ChemicalsActionsPrecautionsHydroquinone (dimethyl ether)C6H6O2It brings out sharp and finecontrast where reducer acts inslowly to form benzeneproduct. It provides an electronwhich helps in reducing theoxidising phenidone beck to itsactive state. This would help inreducing silver halide grains tometallic silver as well.Keep this chemical in a tightlyclosed container and protectagainst direct sunlight andphysical damage. It also storein a dry, cool and ventilatedarea. Do not store togetherwith acidic and oxidisingmaterials.Alkalizer (Accelerator/ SodiumBicarbonate)Na2CO3This reaction can only occur inan alkaline medium havinghigh PH, under which thereducer reacts. It softens andswells the gelatin emulsionNa2CO3 and attracts theexposed silver bromidecrystals so that developingagents can easily diffuse withemulsion.Sodium bicarbonate must bestored in a tightly closedcontainer and keep away tocome in contact with otherchemicals, excessive moistureand heat.
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