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(Doc) Personal and Professional Development | Report

Added on - 28 Jan 2020

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PersonalandProfessional Development
INTRODUCTIONIn this report, learners are enable to analyse and develop the level of personal andprofessionalcapabilities in accordance toboostscareer development for future.It also has theobjectivesto grow and enhancethe beginner'spotentialto organise,controland execute the waysto upgradeand make better performance by its own in the developing of the work for the careerdevelopment (Moon, 2013). It is also very important to make sure to continue to work safely,legally and effectively. Personal and professional development is also known as continuousprofessional development. It is a formal means by which a person set its targets and also makestrategies and outcomes of learning. For attaining the goals, plan should be clearly defined withinthe time frame.TASK11.1 Ways to learnAn individual can learn via research that can be in the form of work or as a part ofassignmentsand projects given either by the colleges or universities (Nicholls, 2014).Self-managed learning is considered as useful technique which is helpful for individuals in improvingtheir skills and knowledge regarding their work. As there are different types of learning stylewhich can be used by anyone in targeting their goals in specific period of time.They can evenlearn by various other techniques by examining are as follows:Conferences and Seminarsan individualcan acquire information via conferences andseminars, these are the productive techniques, as this gives an individual the opportunityto introduce their knowledge about anything to the other person who is always eager tolearn new things. In addition, the conferences assistpeople in creating their presentationskills and become more confident in public speaking.Social networks– there are various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and many other. At the same time logging into these sites people chats withtheir friends and learning new things (Reeves, and D.B., 2012). If an individual, sharesinformation and knowledge. People can also learn how the owners of the social mediabecame so successful for example Mark Zuckerberg.Internet– it is very famous for satisfying people with various services. It also helps incompleting the tasks easily and conveniently. One can get information on any topic
around the world. Though self-managed learning, people like me can access experienceon various topics.While using internet facilities, manager has to conduct proper trainingsession for employees through which it will easy for them to provide high quality ofservices to their customers.1.2Ways to encourage lifelong learning personally and professionallyLearning continuously is known as lifelong learning that provides content related topersonal and professionally(Russell and Korthagen, 2013).SWOT analysis can support apersona to make a self-assessment to identify personal strength and weakness, as well as they canidentify opportunities and threats regarding to his future.My S- Strengths are: soundcommunication skill,approachablein nature, good learning skills, dedication etc. W-Weaknesses is sometimes I panic a lot in difficult situations and I feel anxiety. My O-Opportunities is to continue my masters. My T- Threats are recessions.SWOT:This analysis can help to me what are my weakness on which I have to make myfocus to improve them. Analysing strength can help me to use these strengths in a betterway which can help to me to attain my goals easily.Learning viaown reflection: thishelps inanalyse thesuggestions,decisions, self-understandings, otherconduct that a person isvoluntarily agreeing to take inanappropriate manner. This can assist me by bridging the gap between my professionaldevelopment and my practical experiences (Thiry and et. al., 2011). To develop inspecific level of whichone canrelateit’s by planning and implementing my learning byaccepting suggestion.There are several methods which encourage individual towards achieving their goals suchas they have to look upon on their skills and knowledge which is required to be improve oncontinuous basis. Further, supervisor is also responsible for conduct training for those employeeswho are not executing task in proper manner. Along with this, there are different learning stylessuch as activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist which help to individual to improve their skillsand learning styles.1.3 benefits of learn from employees and by companyLearning is all aboutan individual initiatingthe actions in managing the learnings, thereare variousadvantages ofobservation by an employee which is working in the same company.
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