Doctoral Studentship Proposal.

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Doctoral Studentship ProposalFaculty of Health, Education and Life SciencesPlease note:This document is in addition to the Birmingham City University online application for a researchdegree, the uploading of references and copies of HE qualification that you also need to submitwith that application (see checklist below)(Your research proposal should be no more than 1500 words excluding bibliography)Full Name:Student Application Number:STEAM Scholar Project Reference:Area of research:(please select from the areas advertised)Working title of research:Justification for study:(i.e. why do you consider this subject worthy of study at PhD level. This should be considered insome detail providing sufficient background for the non-specialist to be able to gain an idea of the background to thestudy, its general purpose and its importance)Outcome of the study:(i.e. how will the completed PhD contribute to the body of knowledge associated with thissubject. Remember that we will expect a PhD to generate novel data and/or novel interpretations or ideas within asubject area and it must be made clear in your proposal how this will be attempted)1
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