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Attending Physician Assignment

Added on - 06 Oct 2020

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DOCTOR’S ORDERPATIENT’S NAME: ____________________________ AGE: ______ SEX: ______ HOSP #:________ATTENDING PHYSICIAN: ___________________________________ RM/WARD: ______________Situation 1: Aug. 28, 2020 11:30amPlease admit patient under my serviceVenoclysis: Start Plain Normal Saline Solution (PNSS) 1L @ 30 gtts/min, IVF tofollow PNSS 1L @ 20 gtts/minMonitor vital signs every 40and recordMonitor intake and output every 40Diagnostics: CBC, UA, 12 Leads ECG, Chest X-ray PA view, CBG nowMedications: Ranitidine 50mg IVTT q 80Paracetamol 300mg IVTT stat, then Paracetamol 500mg/tab q 40Cefuroxime 750 mg IVTT q 80ANSTTSB for temperature 39.50C12nn > T = 390C PR – 86 beats/min RR- 32 breaths/min BP – 130/90 mmHgRefer accordingly..Dr. Jezra LopezSituation 2:Please admit under the service of Dr. Jose DagocNPOFor STAT CBC, Chest X-Ray, UA, HbSag, blood typingStart venoclysis D5LR 1L @ 120cc/hrREVISED MAY 2006NSD - 4
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