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Added on - 06 Jan 2020

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ESSSAYThe head bodies or managers of mentioned organization can switch on one of the bestsuitable methods in order to excel their productivity. For this the four value drivers of e-businesswill play an important role. Manager should concise on two major elements namely efficiencyand complementarities. Efficiency in the business model structure can be seen as a businessmechanism, transaction speed as well as the bargaining cost. These are the facilities given by theorganization to customers so that their loyalty towards the venture remains stable and they ableto improve their goodwill in clear and effective manner. Complementarities include cross selling,online and offline transactions. These transactions are important because it gives customers a lotof facility and with right implementation of the model, venture will be able to derive best of theresult.Efficiency is the capacity of the venture to work with best of the dedication in order tomeet their goals and objectives. The major diversification in elements can be seen in form ofsearch costs, simplicity in operations and scale operations. Complementarities on the contraryside can be seen as addition service which is given by the organization to the customers. Theseservices can make a person loyal towards the bank and they will use their services prominentlyand continuously.There exist e-commerce business model which will help cited banking unit to make moreof the value. This is also known as eValue framework which will help executives inunderstanding the major value drivers for e-commerce. Amit and Zott has noted some specificthings with this framework and it was ”the value creating potential of any business model is tendto enhance by the extent to which the different factors are present”. This model can also bedefined as an architectural configuration of different components which persist in transactionsand are designed to exploit different business opportunities (Kulins, Leonardyand Weber,2016).The different elements of this model are efficiency complementarities, lock-in and novelty. Thisdocument will majorly emphasize on efficiency and complementarities in relation to the HSBCbank.
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