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Document On Purpose of DNS Server

Added on - 01 Mar 2020

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PART-2 : 1There are various Linux versions, which can serve the purpose of DNS server. Today, the worldpopularly consider Ubuntu Linux, as a best option to help the web based applications. It is thefact that, the web based applications require DNS server, as a crucial part. The DNS serverUbuntu Linux 16 can be suggested as the appropriate solution. BIND is a part of Ubuntu, whichis available both internally and externally in the DNS server. It is stated that, in the small LANnetwork, the DNS server could easily support more than 4000 DNS entries. On the other hand, inWAN it can help more than 400000 entries. There are possibilities that the DNS server's entriescan be higher, if the hardware capacity of the server is high. Once the VMware work station isinstalled, it creates raw virtual server which has the capacity of 4 GB RAM and approximately100 GB of disc space. In less quantity there will virtual server simulation from the HP C7000blade server. If the Ubuntu server 16 is already downloaded, then it will already contain thebootable Ubuntu Server 16 DVD. It is enough to have 4.7 GB DVD, for preparing the bootableUbuntu Linux server’s DVD. At present, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is the new version and it will besupported till 2021. UEFI firmware is available in the hardware that already has installed theVMWare virtual servers. Then download the server OS of x64 version. Further, it is necessary tochange the virtual server’s booting option so that it can boot from the CD. Once the option forinstall Ubuntu is selected, the process of installing Ubuntu Server LTS 16.04 starts. It isrecommended to opt English language during installation. Ensure internet connection andprovide automatically update option. Next, the installation successfully completes, where thevirtual server is ready to use with the Ubuntu server 14.04 LTS.Setup Ubuntu server (BarCharts and BarCharts Inc, 2008)1
Logged out and logged into the server again2
Created new user assign23
Logged out and logged into the server as assign24
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