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1ARTThespiritual being is shownin different manners in three of the three different art formsof Christianity, Byzantine and in the Jewish art. In the Christianart, the themes of imagery ofChristian teachings are portrayed in the art forms. The Byzantine form of art depicts the spiritualbeings in an abstract kind of a way. In the Jewish art, the form emphasizes on the beautificationof the images related to the spiritual beings.The symbols used to convey divinityin the Christian art are cross or crucifix whichsymbolizes the crucifixion of the Christ, Ichthyssymbolwhich indicatesthe symbol of fish ithold huge importance to the Christians (Walter). The Alpha and Omega symbol derived from thewords of Jesus himself, and other Greek symbols, the Christian art adopted many symbols andideas from the Greek art. The divinity in the Byzantine art is conveyed through a complexcombination of reasons, elements and beauty (Wescoat, Bonna and Ousterhout). The symbolsused in this form of art is taken from normal lives of the human beings but has deep religiousmeaning, some ofcommon symbols for example arethe serpent, boats, Virgin Mary, theAnchor, Chalice and other symbols related to the Christianity and the Roman mythology. Thesymbolism used in the Jewish art to convey divinity use the teachings related “hiddur mitzvahor “beautification of the commandments”,the symbols includekiddushcups”,mezuzot,”candlesticks”, and other objects (Schürer, Vermes and Millar).Symbolism can be found in all the three forms of art in Christianity the crucifixsymbolizes the sacrifice made by the Christ for the human kind, the chalice represents the bloodof the Christ. All the three forms of arts are connected with each other. Christian, Jewish as wellas the Byzantine art adopts certain amounts of Christian teachings and stories and worships Godthrough various forms and their symbolisms are almost similar with each other. The sacredsymbols has been used in the different forms of religions from the ancient period. “The Lamb
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