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SummaryThe country chosen is UK, where the focus is on Brexit negotiations. According to the Europeanparliament, there are different views on the sequencing and scope of negotiations where theDepartment for the Existing the European Union is for the negotiations and to leave EU for theestablishment of relations between UK and EU (Kreilinger et al., 2017). It includes the engagingof relations between UK and EU in a constructive manner with the sincere cooperation as well.The negotiations are managed by the different organizations along with handling the differentinstitutions like DExEU coordinating between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UKREP(UK Permanent Representation to EU) and other parts.The values are to recognize the importance of the business and work on handling the negotiationpolicy with the promotion of technical and scientific advancement and then work for thesustainable development with balanced economic growth and pricing stability. With this, thefocus is on working towards securing the agreement on the economic and securitycooperation.The major interest and the issues related to the system is to act and work towards the referendumcampaign where the people are trying to maintain a balance on the government negotiatinginstance (Maslow, 2017). The economic outlook has a major impact on the Scottish policies.(Wincott, 2017). The issues are related to the priorities and the strength where the ability is towork on the plausible outcomes of Brexit talks. The big decisions are about the closest adviserswith influence on negations with good working relationship.
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