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Running head: EPIDEMIOLOGYEPIDEMIOLOGY[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees][Institutional Affiliation(s)]
2EPIDEMIOLOGYQuestion 1Sensitivity defines the ability of classify correctly of a test on a disease of an individual.Mathematically expressed asSensitivity= a/a+cwhere a is true positive, anda+c is true positive + true negative. The result gives the probability of an individual or animalbeing tested positive in case of the presence of a disease.Using the provided statistics; the sensitivity = 68/68+11=0.883 which is equivalent to 88.3%. This means the probability of the BVD disease of the herdsof 97 cattle was 88.3% attack level.Specificity tests if an individual or an animal is free from a disease. It helps in the identificationand correct testing to ascertain that an individual is not suffering from a diseaseSpecificity is mathematically expressed as d/b+d where d=true negative, b+d= true negative+false positive. From specificity calculations, the probability of being tested negative for a diseasein an individual or animal is determined. From the given data, the specificity is calculated as;20/20+11=0.645 which is equivalent to 64.5%. This means 64.5% of the beef cattle testeddisease free of BVD on AC-ELISA test.
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