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Running head: PERSUASIVE ESSAYPersuasive EssayName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1PERSUASIVE ESSAYWhile thinking about an unforgettable moment of triumph the first thing that cropped upin my mind is the date 15thDecember 2016. It was not only an unforgettable moment but theincident had also taught me a lifetime lesson. Before the incident had taken place I was totally adifferent person with a different belief. But after this particular day I really had a strong belief onpositive mentality and hard work. For this persuasive essaythe theses statement is- positivismand effort is directly proportional to the final victory.I have never believed in hard work or effort and thought these were mere terms and all ofus are guided by luck ("Stanford Magazine - Article", 2007). The reason behind growing thisnotion is that since my childhood I have always seen people just relaxing and getting all thepleasure whereas others who indulged themselves in hard work did not get the necessaryoutcome (Frank, 2016). I used to keep brooding that why the universe is so wrong in judgingpeople. If a person is working hard then he has all the right to enjoy a good result but as it is said,‘man proposes, god disposes’, the worthless ones always taste the fruit of success. When I was inclass 4, I had a friend who worked very hard to come first in class. He used to study day andnight even during the lunch time when others were busy playing he was busy with text books.But nothing changed during the assessments as he could never make it o the top five students ofthe class. On the contrary, a spoilt and rich boy who had a foul nature, did not have a politenature, most disobedient and the prankster of the class always manage to grab the first position inclass. The reason might be the preference of the teacher where the beam balance tilted more onthe side of the rich boy. “Gender and grade differences emerged” (Ahn, Rodkin & Gest, 2013).Since then I have developed the notion that may be there is no value of real effort in thisuniverse.
2PERSUASIVE ESSAY“...because family is what I care the most about”. In the course of growing up I found thesame thing happening in my personal life too. I am a family oriented person. As much as I lovemy parents, I have equal respect for my other family members too (Covey, 2014). “Every familysituation is unique and different.” My uncle used to work in the plumbing industry and he wasone of the most dedicated employees of the organization. You might think that I am taking theside of my family member. But that is not so as I am being totally genuine while sharing myexperience and proving the theses statement. I think him as a role model and always wanted to belike him when I grow up. He used to keep himself deep delved in work so that there is no scopeof complaint from his supervisors. The dedication and commitment that he had toward his workis absolutely remarkable. He did not even waste time in talking while working with the risk ofgetting mistaken. With the description that I have provided till now, you might have got an ideaabout my uncle. But can you believe that such a loyal and honest person can be terminated fromthe company on the ground of violating rules. Yes, that was the outcome of my uncle afterserving the company for twenty tedious years. This was the last thing that I had expected fromhim but later got to know that he was falsely accused.These two incidents in my life broke my positive hopes and pushed me towards a darkworld. The minimum amount of confidence that was present within me got shattered into pieces.When the crucial time came for my placement I was almost assured that I will also have to facesuch drastic experience. But my parents and professors tried their best to motivate me for myupcoming days. My parents always found new ways to cheer me up such as taking me out formovies or dinner. But I was not being able to come out of the shocking instances of my two nearand dear ones. With a little ray of hope and little positivism that I had, I went in for the interviewthat is considered as one of the top MNC. The date was 29thMarch, 2016 when I tiptoed into the
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