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Table of ContentsTask 0: System Vision document2Description2Following would be the system capabilities2Task 1 Plan the Project4Assignment D1-1: Iteration4Iteration 24Assignment D1-2: Work Breakdown Structure4Task 2: understand the requirements6Sub task 2.1: Create use case diagram6Sub task 2.2: Class Diagram 1007Task 3: Define user experience8Sub-Task 3.1: Single use-case and identify the steps to do the use case8Sub Task 3.2: Workflow of the selected use case10Task 4: Develop the Software Architecture Design11Sub Task 4.1: Preliminary database11Sub Task: 4.2: desktop or browser based system12Task 5: Develop detailed design13Task 6: Test and Deploy the system141

List of FiguresFigure 1: Use Case Diagram7Figure 2: Class Diagram8Figure 3: Use Case Description10Figure 4: Workflow Diagram11Figure 5: Preliminary Database12Figure 6: User Interface152

Task 0: System Vision documentDescriptionAs per the case study the Wayne Johansen has become great fan of geocaching and want to keepall the geocaching activities being tracked and well managed. As the Wayne is looking fordeveloping his own website rather than using any free or commercial websites that are availablearound internet. As per the requirement the system that would be developed for various ofgeocaching activities that would include several interesting geocaches and along with the varioustrips the Wayne have ever made and other trips he would like to go to, along with the places theWayne have discovered using the new device. As Wayne is looking forward to create his ownlogs and geocaches, he wants to develop a portal that would create the portal for his purpose,track other places that have been shared with public along with the updating of various geocachelogs. (Al-alshuhai & Siewe, 2015)The system that would be developed is an information storing system with information beingprovided in form of longitudes and latitudes along with the needs to store the databased tomanage all the information and video logs as well of the places. For the current approach ofWayne, he has decided to develop the system that would work on laptop or desktop and mobileversion can be launched later. (Alhumaidan & Zafar, 2014)Following would be the system capabilitiesThe system that would be developed should be able to provide following functionalities orfeatures:Keep logs of the geocaches which have not been found/located by the WayneKeep the logs of the geocaches that have been found or located by WayneRecord the details of the geocaches along with the supplementary information needed forthe geocache activities. Keep logs of the geocaches that have been created by Wayne in recent past and markedthem as new.Keep log of the geocaches that have been posted by Wayne over other geocachingwebsites.3

Provide detailed reports of the information from various sources by the Wayne geocachesactivities. Benefits of the Application developed Following are benefits that system should be able to provide Wayne:Wayne should be able to track his all the geocaching based activities and able to customsearch the activities logsAble to create new activity logs and new geocaches.Able to share his interest regarding the geocaches with his friends.Able to update his log from remote based location, like travelling on a geocache basedactivity and able to update on the run.4

Task 1 Plan the ProjectAssignment D1-1: Iteration 1As per the feasibility analysis of the vision document, the laptop based solution to be developedseems to be ideal for the current case. The system would be developing from first to be Laptop orDesktop based application and then can be further enhanced to mobile based system support.Currently the major focus being the Desktop based application that can run on laptops as well.(Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Saringat, Mansor & Herawan, 2011)Iteration 2The second iteration would be to develop the mobile based system that can support the featuresof the laptop based applications. The user would be then able to perform all the actions as itwould have done on a laptop. (Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Saringat, Mansor & Herawan, 2011)Assignment D1-2: Work Breakdown StructureI.We need to check all the details Wayne wants to log for the geocaches that have beencompleted:1.Identify the requirements based on the discussions that have been made in order tolearn more about the expected system by the Wayne,2.Identify the requirements regarding the data that Wayne would like to keep on thesystem.3.Identify the system use cases and develop the case around the requirements of thesystem.4.Later when the use cases have been defined develop the workflows for them.II.Develop the various components of the system1.Develop the database schema2.Based on the schema develop the ERD3.Develop the prototype based screens4.Develop the specification based on the software applications5.Develop the overall program details.III.Develop the System for the laptop based system1.Based on the ERD develop the physical schema5

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