Dog Fighting Awareness Campaign: Assignment

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Running Head: Dog fighting awareness campaignACTIVISM & MEDIADog fighting awareness campaign
Dog fighting awareness campaign1IntroductionThe league against cruel sport is a charity which organizes campaigns to protect the security ofanimals. It was established in 1924 with the motive of banning dog fighting, stag-hunting, hare-hunting, and fox-hunting. Dog fighting has been banned since 1835 in the UK, but there are alarge number of people who still organize dog fights. The league against cruel sport run acampaign against dog fighting which is known as a “bloodline”. Its main motive is to introduce alarge number of people to its dangers.BackgroundDog fighting is considered as a type of blood sport usually described as opposing two game dogsagainst one another in a particular ring for entertainment. It has proved very dangerous forhuman beings and the dogs too. In this assignment, a campaign report is prepared to make peopleaware about the negative effects of dog fighting so that they support us in stopping these types ofillegal activities. Dog fighting is considered one of the most heinous forms of animal cruelty. Ithappens in more than 50 countries, such as Europe, America and UK. These types of activitiesmostly performed by the person who are addict of the drug and the other bad things( In rural areas, dogfighting is generally conducted outdoors or in barn pits, on the other hand, in urban areas eventsare mainly organized at warehouses, basements, garages, back alleys, neighborhoodplaygrounds, and in the streets. Conducting a campaign against dog fighting helps us inremoving these bad habits and can enhance awareness regarding the dog fighting.
Dog fighting awareness campaign2AimThe main aim of the organization behind organizing the campaign against dog fighting is topromote awareness to people of different countries about the negative effects of the dog fightingand how it proves dangerous for the dogs.DiscussionGenerally, the dogs who are participating in the fights are frequent, and severe injuries thatcontain broken bones and puncture wounds. These dogs bring human beings in the condition ofdeath. Dog fighting is considered a strict crime in every country where it is happening. Itinfluences the society in a larger manner. All the trained dogs which participated in the dogfighting injure the innocent people in a greater manner without any cause. Children influencedby dog fighting in greater manner because they have the danger of attack from the dogs. They areoften hearted by the spectators while exposed to gangs, gambling, violence, weapons, and drugsat dog fights. Dog fighters are mostly involved in sale and possession of illegal weapons, largelyinvolve in gambling. With the help of dog fighting they mainly spread violence and criminalbehavior towards human beings (YILMAZ, 2015). Thus, it can be said that the dog fightinginfluence the society as well as children in a greater manner. The league against cruel sportcampaign proved successful in removing such type of illegal acts up to a limit( For fulfilling its motive, it utilizes different types of media techniques as well ascommunication technologies. It is the responsibility of the government of every country to takeinitiatives to stop such type of illegal acts because they may prove dangerous for the society to alarger extent “(”.
Dog fighting awareness campaign3Communication is considered an important tool for sharing information (Broad, 2013). If anorganization don't utilize proper media technologies, it may not accomplish the objective of itscampaign. The campaign of the league against cruel sport mainly utilizes four types of mediatechnologies such as audible media, visual media, print media, and the social media. All thesetechnologies prove very helpful in raising awareness among the people regarding the dogfighting. Generally, the audible media is utilized by the league sport to inform the differentaudience about its campaign such as radio. This will help them in getting more and more supportfrom the public ( The main source of audible mediawhich is used by the organization for promoting its campaign are electronic books and the radio.Both tools of the audible media play a significant role in transmitting the message of theorganization campaign to a large number of people during 2015. Audible media spread themessage with high speed. This will prove beneficial for the organization in attracting greaternumbers, so that they can support the campaign and also give their contribution in making itsuccessful.Second and the foremost media technology used by the organization is social media which isvery popular and has gained significant attention these days. The initial phases of the internetsaw the users using this technology to read associated articles and information and get involvedin online shopping activities and so on. However, the advent of internet technologies such associal media has seen a completely new aspect of the ongoing activities. Social media hasproved an efficient tool in promoting the campaign of the organization and generated more andmore support of public ( With the help of social media, the organization is able to createits content regarding the campaign which can successfully be transmitted to others. After
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