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A Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Housing-related Policies, Strategies and
Interventions on the Health and Wellbeing of Women Fleeing Domestic Violence focusing on
Bexley Council
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Domestic Violence2
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Domestic Violence3
A Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Housing-related Policies, Strategies and
Interventions on the Health and Wellbeing of Women Fleeing Domestic Violence focusing on
Bexley Council
Every week in the UK, two women are killed by their husbands, ex-spouses or
partners.According to the Ministry of the Interior, 1.2 million women reported domestic
violence last year, with two out of three not the first.But in fact, there are much more of
them.According to a study by the local organization Council for Citizens, more than half a
million victims of domestic violence prefer not to report their misfortune, as they are
extremely frightened.
Terrifying statistics are aggravated by another problem: a woman who announced that
her husband beats her must divorce him, otherwise in the future her children may be taken
away by the guardianship authorities.
According to the Guardian newspaper, victims of violence are increasingly hearing this
from social workers.As a result, if a wife is not ready to leave her beating spouse, she
deliberately hides her problems from others.In addition, according to the British family rights
group, as a result of the recent reform of the social security system, many families have lost
the opportunity to seek qualified help.It has become more difficult for victims of violence to
obtain temporary shelter and security guarantees from the state, as well as treatment for
Increasingly, it happens that help comes only when the situation goes too far, and the
intervention of emergency services is required.Community organizations and foundations
Domestic Violence4
come to the aid of victims of domestic violence.In Britain there are "hot lines" not only for
women and children, but also for men who have suffered from domestic violence, there are
services that deal with similar cases in same-sex unions.
Experts consider this to be an important issue, as domestic violence is rarely limited to
a single incident.But at the end of last year it became known that the British Parliament is
going to change the criminal law so that domestic violence becomes a separate category of
crimes with punishment up to 14 years in prison.
The British police will be able to track the behavior of a domestic tyrant after the first
recorded incident, as well as introduce measures to protect the victim from his
attacks.According to British media reports, the law is expected to receive broad support in
parliament and be passed.
In the UK, the National Domestic Abuse helpline has seena 25% increase in web calls
and reportssince lockdown began.This translates to hundreds of more calls last week compared
to previous weeks, reportsto the BBCthe association which manages this line.The number
ofvisitors to the association's sitehas also increased significantly, with 150% more visits
compared to the last week of February.
Domestic Violence Against Women
Many believe that domestic violence against women and children is related to physical
abuse, that is, beatings.However, the concept of domestic violence is much broader and does not
necessarily consist only of beatings and scandals.People around you may not even notice that
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