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In this essay, the domestic violence cases prevalent in Australia will be discussed and it will be analysed how systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges like domestic violence. There are several actions taken by the Australian government against domestic violence which will be discussed in this essay in detail.

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1SYSTEMS THIKING IS CRITICAL ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCEThesis Statement-In this essay the domestic violence cases prevalent in Australia will bediscussed and it will be analyzed how systems thinking is critical in developing solutions tosustainability challenges like domestic violence.IntroductionHuman beings of every culture must ensure that their home is a secure and comfortableplace to live in where every family member resides in perfect harmony .However, the reality isquite harsh and domestic violence is a serious matter of concern not only in developing countriesbut also in developed countries of the world like in Australia. Millions of women are subjected todomestic violence In Australia in the form of verbal and physical abuse by their male partners.Children are also subjected to domestic violence and women and children often shy away frompublic and hesitate to disclose their atrocities at home to the government. The term domesticviolence include a wide range of cruel acts ,for instance, domestic violence include emotional,verbal, psychological, economic, sexual, social and spiritual abuse(Berns 2017).There are severalrisk factors associated with domestic violence like child abuse, pregnancy and separation andattitudes to violence against women .Many women in Australia are exposed to risk of domesticviolence including women living in rural areas, indigenous women, women with disability,younger women of Australia and women belonging to a different cultural background .There areseveral actions taken by the Australian government against domestic violence which will bediscussed in this essay in detail.DiscussionSystem thinking is critical on domestic violence. According to Sayumporn, Pedrosa andLopez (2012), the Australian government’s actions and thoughts against sustainability challenge
2SYSTEMS THIKING IS CRITICAL ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCEof domestic violence are crucial. The government should take measures to provide stable incometo women who are subjected to domestic violence. The Australian government often runs out offunds to provide help to women subjected to domestic violence and often there is a wide gapbetween government policies against domestic violence and procedures to implement thesepolicies. The government’s response to domestic violence cases is not customized and there isinsufficient monitoring and control procedures taken by the government against cases ofdomestic violence. As stated by Parkinson and Zara (2013), the Australian government alsogenerated around 44 million dollar funds in 2010 to support cases of domestic violence. Thegovernment has already taken several measures to provide support to victims of domesticviolence. The measures include providing homes to women and children who are victims ofdomestic violence, responding to their healthcare needs, creating employment opportunities forthem, to ensure that child support program is provided to victims of domestic violence and togenerate proper funding to support cases of domestic violence among the indigenous populationin Australia by eradicating root cause of the problem like severe alcohol consumption Thegovernment has taken measures to engage men and boys to support cases of domestic violence,for example, facilitators and peer educators were men and these male educators whodemonstrated respectful attitudes towards women were considered as a role model by other malemembers of the society. Systems thinking are critical on domestic violence. The intervention of the governmentand other regulatory institutions in Australia often becomes crucial in handling domesticviolence cases.The Council of Australian government endorsed the National Plan in 2009 tosupport victims of domestic violence. The National Plan had six major outcomes like ensuringcommunities are free from violence, relationships are respectful, the indigenous community of
3SYSTEMS THIKING IS CRITICAL ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCEAustralia is protected, the needs of victims of domestic violence specially women and childrenare protected, ensuring that response is effective and violence is stopped and the person causingviolence is taken into account According to Chappell and Curtin (2013), the Australian government has taken severalmeasures to support the cases of domestic violence by educating the youth and children aboutrespectful relationships who are victims of domestic violence so that they treat their partnersrespectfully when they grown up. Also the government has taken several measures to take careof the mental health of children and women who are a part of domestic violence And accordingto Morris, Hegarty and Humphreys (2012),The Australian government has introduced severalprograms like Safe at Home programs where victims of domestic violence like children andwomen are allowed to stay at the homes and the person who causes domestic violence speciallymen are taken out of the homes so that their female partners and children feel safe and secure athome Emotional form of domestic violence include emotionally blackmailing the victim,undermining the victim and hurting her self-esteem by constantly comparing her with others andblaming the victim continuously for every problem in the relationship, abusing the victimverbally in private or public and social abuse which may include isolating the victim fromfriends and family and forcing her to live in a secluded place where she does not have anyopportunity to work or socialize. There is evidence of domestic violence cases in Australia wherevictims are subjected to economic abuse, access to bank accounts of the victim is seized, salaryearned by the victim is snatched and the victim is constantly controlled financially.Psychological form of abuse in domestic violence includes cases like threatening the victimregarding custody of children, damaging property of the victim, making her feel insecure by

Thereby, it can be concluded that systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to a severe sustainability challenges like domestic violence.

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