Essay on Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a kind of behaviour which includes violence and other abuses by aperson in the opposite of another in the situation of relationship or in marriage. The purpose of thisabuse is to gain and hold the control over a person by someone(What is Domestic Violence?. 2015). The domestic abuse includes physical violence, psychologicalviolence, sexual assault and emotional abuse. The epidemic effects of it affect every person in thecommunity. The result of domestic violence is physical injury; psychological trauma and manytimes, victim reaches at the stage of death (What is Domestic Violence?. 2015). The following studyis related to the domestic abuse and to gain more understanding on this, some background evidenceand statistics of UK to support the theme of study will be explained. Along with this, severalstrategies and ways will be explored that would help in developing nursing services in the homenation.Diffusion from DOH (Department of Health)According to DOH, the definition of domestic abuse is as follow:“Any incident of controlling, threatening behaviour or any kind of abuse and violence whichhappened with that person who is having 16 year age or more then it, by his family members orpartners regardless of gender or sexuality”. The abuse can be psychological, sexual, emotional,physical or financial(Domestic violence and abuse. 2015).From the study of official statistics of UK government, it has been found that there arenumber of domestic violence cases that are recorded by the respective authorities every year. Alongwith this, it has been seen that many of the victims of domestic abuse do not tell anything to anyoneabout abuse that they are facing. These types of people are not filing the cases because of some kindof fear (O'hare, 2014). The satistics of domestic abuse in UK and India are as follows.More than 2.1 million people every year suffer from different kinds of domestic abuse inwhich 1.4 million are females and 700,000 are males in UK (Travis, 2015).Every year, more than 100, 000 people are facing serious injuries because of continuousdomestic abusein UKAs per the statistics of 2013-14, the recorded domestic abuse cases in England and Wales arearound 887,000 (Top ten facts about domestic abuse in England and Wales. 2015).In 2013-14, the statistics of domestic abuse in UK is about 1.3 million.By seeing and studying the above information, it can be said that there is a requirement ofclinical leadership and developed nursing services in UK. This thing helps in asking right questionsand refers possible support services to the victims.According to Hines, Brown and Dunning, 2007 “in the past scenario, domestic abuse was2
considered as a social issue and it was solved by only social care workers. But with the time, UKgovernment has made changes into the rules and regulation and then the following issues weretaken into consideration in health care problems” (Hines, Brown and Dunning, 2007). In thepresent time, nursing knowledge helps to determine the types of domestic abuses in which anursingholistic approachhas preferred. Brandl, 2000 has stated that “under this method, several types ofcare services are provided to the victim which can easily support his or her health” (Brandl, 2000).But on the other hand, Henning and Klesges, 2002 have suggested that “nursing services in thecase of domestic abuse is not required because if victim experiences any kind of domestic violenceand urgently required help then in this case, he or she will ask for it” (Henning and Klesges, 2002).From the study of above stated statements of different authors, it can be said that proper nursingservices are required to be developed so that nurses can directly ask right questions to the victimand provide appropriate health care and other supportive services. These services should beaccording to the seriousness of injury and types of domestic abuses.As per the research of Sugihara and Warner, 2002, it has found that “effective nursingservices in the area of domestic abuse situation can be developed by considering the five domains”(Sugihara and Warner, 2002). The dimensions of providing supportive services to victim areidentification of the domestic abuse, assessment, proper documentation and reporting, safetyplanning and referral. But Brandl and Meuer, 2000 have not agreed with the above author’sstatement and recommended that “by using supportive approach and giving some empowerment tothe nurses, a structured framework can be prepared which would help in developing the nursingservices in the area of domestic issues in UK” (Brandl and Meuer, 2000). At the time ofdevelopment of nursing services, two things are required to be considered. The first thing isensuring the appropriateness and usefulness of services to victim and second is to take appropriateactions in the case when victim has disclosed the information about abuse. Therefore, from theabove discussion, it has been explored that the domestic violence training has been provided to thenurses that would help in developing effective nursing services (Watson and Parsons, 2005). Thishelps in recognizing the injuries and then refers different supportive care services to the victims.Along with this, some empowerment has provided to nurses to ensure the appropriateness of healthcare services.In the present time, health care systems of different nations faces a large number ofchallenges which are complex and interconnected with each other and this thing affect the qualityand cost of care services. In UK, nursing is a different discipline which includes wide range of rolessuch as delver clinical services, making the coordination with patients care, bring the improvements3
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