APT5005 Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Added on - 03 May 2020

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Running head: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULTDomestic Violence and Sexual AssaultName of the StudentStudent IDName of UniversityAuthor Note
2DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULTQuestion 5: Provide a case conceptualization using the 5P approach, noting whereappropriate if there is further information you would need for a comprehensiveformulation.Answer:According toLinda Miller, the creator of 5 P approach has been taken into certainconsideration of the cases pertaining to the effective understanding of its general concept makingprocedure with its actual approaches. The 5 P approach helps in understanding the behavior andpsychology of a person and managing his or her behavior accordingly. The 5 P’s includeprofiling, prioritizing, problem analysis, problem solving and planning.In this case, completeinformation regarding Tanisha shall be required for the process of profiling. This might includeher likes, dislikes, behavioral patterns, personal life details and professional life detail. In case ofprioritizing, the behavioral and psychological patterns of Tanisha shall be emphasized upon andonly after analyzing her problems related to her family and behavioral patterns, the problemsolving session can be planned. Her personal views and attitude towards her life and familywould be considered for a comprehensive formulation. Additionally, the information regardingthe psychological well- being or issues faced by Tanisha shall be obtained from her familymembers, colleagues and friends for a comprehensive formulation.The behavioral complexitywould be highly effective in terms of considering the pattern of Tanisha and her children- Lucas,Molly, and Grace. However, it has to be taken into consideration pertaining to the fact that thespecific reason for the behavioral discriminations with different children, Tanisha has beencreating a gap among the siblings. It has been observed that Tanisha becomes quite obsessivewhile talking to Grace and she is fond of her son as well. To take her out from this type ofproblems, the experts can ask the partner of the woman to encourage her to express herself in a
3DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULTmore vivid way and encourage her to live her life to the fullest forgetting all the past. Apart fromthat, sometimes, a contemplating practice can quiet the mind of the victim woman and thatincludes yoga, meditation, Tai chi and much more. Apart from that, the doctor must be able tohonor her boundaries like he or she can ask the woman to get the control of her body and souland the woman herself has to make it sure that she should not take away the freedom of her lifedue to the fearful events of her life.Question 6: Provide a brief review of relevant theoretical and therapeutic approaches forthis case, providing a rationale for your chosen treatment.Answer:Tanisha has multiple complexities in her lifecycle. These are found to be hovering aroundher familial issues. She has been a victim of sexual assault. With the effective understanding ofthe case where Tanisha was highly obnoxious pertaining to her behavior to Lucas who wasBrian’s child has been highly deplorable. However, this has been taken into certain considerationthat this has been effectively considerable to the specific understanding of how she would beaccepted in the realm of different physical as well as mental harassment. In this aspect"irresistible impulse" mythcan be taken into consideration. However, the focus has been to findout effective psychotherapeutic consideration of the perfect cases with its different formulation.In this context, it can be stated that Tanisha has highly been affected in terms of creating her ownworld. She was not able to cope up with the violence and her mental state was affected due to theincidents she had undergone in the past. In this case, it has been highly impactful that herconsideration with the children and the thought process that she would tend to share with themare highly impacted upon by the past incidents. In this process, there is a clear understanding of
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