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DOMICILIARY CARE2Q1Domiciliary care is the provision of care to people during their later life in their homes. Thecare is normally of personal nature and it may include elements such as help with dressing,washing, toileting, meal preparation, and taking of medications correctly.The goal of domiciliary care is to reduce the premature need for an elderly person to beadmitted to an institution such as an aged care facility or a hospital.Q2The philosophical framework behind domiciliary care is the promotion of a client's well-being and independence in order to enable them to remain in their homes longer.Q3physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise therapy/rehabilitation, speech pathology,podiatry, osteopathology, dietetics, chiropractic pathology, and social work.Q4. PodiatryQ5The reliance on home support staff in the carrying out of a diverse range of support tasks forthe clients presents a significant health and safety risks to both the client. These may include;a)Safety issues in themanual moving and handling of personsb)Poor working environmentc)Badly planned workd)Inappropriate equipment
DOMICILIARY CARE3e)Accidents from using equipment used by the clientsf)Homecare workers run the risk of being accosted by people during dark hours, whenusing public transport, or in the streets of isolated areasg)Infectionh)Administration of medicationi)TheftA safe working environment can be attained through:a)Giving workers information and trainingb)Conducting risk assessments of the working environments.c)Assessment of client needs especially on moving and handling needsd)Supervision on a regular basis.e)Installation of emergency alert systemsf)Use of personal protective equipmentQ6a.High blood pressureb.Loss of control in urine and stoolc.Loss of appetited.Anorexia and memory losse.Memory lossf.Feverg.Pain (Joint pain, headache, abdominal pains, chest pain)h.Vision and hearing lossi.Diarrhoea and constipation
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