Double Loop Learning Assignment

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Running head- Double Loop LearningDouble Loop Learning
1Double Loop LearningDouble Loop LearningIntroductionDouble loop learning is a process and educational concept that teaches the people to think deeplyabout their beliefs and assumptions. The concept of double-loop learning was developed byChris Argyris, an organizational trainer in 1980s. Double loop learning is different from thesingle loop learning that aims to change the methods and improve the efficiency to obtain thedesired and established objectives by doing the right things. Single loop learning is all aboutachieving the target objectives while double loop learning changes the objectives itself. It doesnot only involves changing the objectives but also it questions the assumption of the objectives,the ways of inventing and discovering new alternatives, perception, objectives, and ways ofapproaching problem.Double loop learning mostly benefits the organization by changing the methods of learning.Double loop learning has changed the ways of learning of the organizations. The main focus ofthe double loop learning is to educate the leaders. One of the important objectives of the doubleloop learning is to educate the leaders to influence the behaviors and thinking of the leaders to bea more effective leader. The main aim of the double loop learning is to transform the perspectiveof the world. Double loop learning can be seen as a distinctive strategy of education that containsthe high potential to shift the perceptions of the leaders.Section1Answer1: Challenges of Model1The major challenges of Model1 areThe first challenge of the model1 is to achieve the defined goals. For the success of anyorganization, there is a need to define clear goals and objectives. The goal is the long-termtarget of the organization that the organization wants to realize in the long run. Theobjectives are the short-term targets of the company that the organization wants to achieve inthe short run. An organization has various departments such as finance department, operationdepartment, marketing department, information technology department, and human resourcedepartment. All the departments have their objectives that are needed to be achieved by the
2Double Loop Learningparticular department, but all the departments have single goals. The goal is the target of thewhole organization that is needed to realize by putting the effort of the entire departments ofthe organization. Therefore, there is a need to define the goal of the organization. The goal ofthe organization should not only be defined, but it should also be measurable and realistic toaccomplish. If the goal would not be attainable neither the organization can accomplish thegoal nor can it measure the progress of the organization. Apart from this, there are so manyobstacles in the way of achieving the desired goals such as performance of the organizationand the ability of the management to lead the employees, skills and competencies required,the level of morale and motivation of the employees, the quality of the leader to influence theemployees and so on. That is why achieving the desired defined goal is a challenge.The second challenge of the model is to maximize the winning and minimize the loss. To bea successful organization in the market, it is very important to maximize the winning andminimize the loss. Maximize the winning means achieving as many targets as a companycan. As the organization will realize targets, it will gain more market share which is termedas winning and the organization by doing this can maximize its profits. But if theorganization will fail to achieve the targets it will lose the market as well, and the profitmargin of the organization will drop significantly. If the organization is unable to minimizethe losing, ultimately it will be out of the market. There are various players in the market thatbecome the barrier in the way of maximizing the winning and force an organization tomaximize the losing and minimize the winning. Therefore, it is a big challenge to maximizethe winning and minimize the loss.The next challenge of the model is to minimize the negative feelings. It is very hard to digestthe truth of failure. Failure always leads to generate the negative feelings in the mind. Manyleaders or managers cannot resist the generation of negative feelings due to the failure of theproducts or the services or even if they fail to achieve the target. Negative feelings can makethem pessimist, and they will be reluctant to take a risk or set a target in the same market.Due to this, the organization will lose the market share, and hence the profit margin of theorganization will drop significantly. Therefore, it is very important to minimize the negativefeelings.Challenges of Model2:
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