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Down syndrome Assignment PDF

Added on - 15 Jun 2021

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Down syndrome2According toReines, et al (2017)Down syndrome, also known as trisomy 21 refer to agenetic disorder that is caused by the presence of a third chromosome 21. The disease occurs bychance among normal parents and chances of the disease increase as the age of the motherincreases. The disease is mostly associated with mental retardation, delayed growth and unusualfacial characteristics. The disease has no cure and medical interventions are only focused onimproving the quality of life of the infected person. With improved technology, Down syndromecan be detected during pregnancy and the pregnancy terminated although considered illegal inseveral countries. This paper focuses on the experiences of parents whose children have Downsyndrome.In the contemporary society, little information is known about the disease and in manysocieties, the disease has been attributed to religion, poverty and poor parenting. The overallconsensus is that people with the disease are highly stigmatized, discriminated and rejected. Thishas led to tendencies of pity, fear or rejection to people who have Down syndrome. Many parentswho detect the disease during pregnancy usually opt to terminate the pregnancy. A greater part ofthe population however still remain in the dark with little information about the causes and whatactions can be taken to prevent delivery of a child with down syndrome and the complicationsand outcomes that result from the disease(Murphy, et al (2017).Apart from growth and mental retardation,Hansson, et al (2016) argues thatDownsyndrome also increases the risk of congenital and cardiac disorders, social developments such aslanguage and also physical abilities. The parents to such children therefore encounter severalchallenges arising from the child’s special needs, the stability of their marriages due to blamegame, social and societal stigma, little knowledge on how to handle the child, uncertainties aboutthe future of their kids and stress. Some parents may also develop defense mechanisms to
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