Draft Report of Megan Mechanical Ltd

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DRAFT REPORT2Draft reportIntroductionTo comply with the organization’s, need to offer quality services to the clients, MeganMechanical Ltd recorded weekly customer complaints over a period of 12 months. Thesecomplaints were classified based on those directed towards the product offered, externalservice provider and the staff of the company. Through the manager's instruction, I wastasked with analysis of the data and computation of the findings which will assist the firm inits activities.The data were analyzed by use of MS Excel, each complaint from a consumer was recordedquantitatively on a weekly basis. Afterwards, descriptive statistics were obtained from thedata (Nick, 2007).FindingsTable 1: descriptive statistics of complaints dataweekcomplaintsproductexternal providerKasymeRaquelBaseltotal staff11111223111233112343111521116212371114581119111101112113213412111131111141111152331610171111811019311342011121111221112231112
DRAFT REPORT32421222511261112711122821342911130111231112321133331111341035113611333711138113911140121234111142111431044113345111146111113471114811334911501111351111152211135Total533420205494Based on the analysis obtained from the data provided, it was observed that most of thecomplaints from the customers were regarding our staff. Basel is the most affectedexperiencing up to 4 complaints in a single week. His mean complaints per week which is1.86 is higher than the overall staff mean which is 1.80. on a weekly basis, there is at leastone complaint regarding either of the staff members (Trochim, 2006).The complaint from the products are also experienced at least one in a week the averagebeing higher than the complaint being derived from services offered by an external provider.The data obtained indicate that the maximum number of complaints directed to the externalservice provider is 2 a number which is below the maximum of 3 complaints recorded for the
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