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Business Intelligence software
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The main aim of this report was to investigate the method that is used to calculate the
payable accounts, in the departmental account. The department account was analyzed, and staffs
are working at the department were interviewed as well as the current system was surveyed to
determine the possible solution to the problem. The department was using manual data entry
which had the following issues; there was an emission of data, errors, lack of efficiency, lack of
data needed during the compliance audits and break down communication. After identifying the
problem, we recommended the implementation of either sap Concor software, MYOB or Xero
software.[CITATION Pse \l 1033 ]Thesoftware’s automate the invoice capture, expense approval,
and payment process. The software also helps in managing data and keeping data safe hence
preventing data from loss. The company was able to implement Sap concur software into the
accounting system.
In the past years, the company has faced challenges in the accounting department. The
increase of data loss, emission of data and breakdown of communication has increased by 50% .
This is because the company is using manual data entry.[ CITATION Gup15 \l 1033 ]The loss of
data makes hard for the company to be audited and to prepare a conclusive report on the invoice
of their suppliers and also the employee daily expense. The company is based in Sydney, and it’s
a growing nationally hence there is a need of accounting software to cater for the expenses and
invoices reports. Staffs were interviewed, and the department surveyed to determine the problem
they face and which system fits the organizations.[ CITATION Wix14 \l 1033 ]
After investigation we found out that 30% of data was lost, 200% omitted and there were
several cases of communication breakdown. The employees were unable to trace the data
because they used manual data entry. The system that they were using consumed a lot of time
and it also involved a lot of paperwork. Every expense that took place had to be recorded,
invoice from suppliers was also to be recorded, and the whole list was to be combined manually.
Data omission
The survey indicated that 30% of the data was being omitted during the recording. This
was caused by manual data entry. Employees were to enter data manually after an expense or
invoice expense was reported. There times data was too much and entering data manually was
hectic and tiresome, which lead to omission of data. The employee was suggesting a system that
is more efficient to handle the expense data
Loss of data
After interviewing the employee, we found out that, 30% of the data was being lost after
every accounting period, this was dangerous for the company because the company was unable
to calculate total expense that the company incurs in a given period. The employee blamed the
manual systems which lead to loss of data. They proposed for a system like concur to be
implemented into the system to avoid such losses.
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